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About Nandos Pakistan

Nando’s Peri-Peri Origin

Nando’s, today’s well known international casual dining restaurant chain was founded in 1897 in Johannesburg mining suburb Rosenttenville, South Africa, with a Mozambican/Portuguese theme. The famous Peri-peri sauce (a chili sauce originating in Mozambique) served as an inspiration for Fernando Duarte, a Portuguese born engineer, to invite his good friend, Robbie Brozin, to try the mouth wateringly delicous Peri-Peri marinated, juicy and basted chicken in humble Portuguese takeaway restaurant in Rosenttenville called Chickenland. They say it was ‘love at first bite’. Fernando and Robert bought the restaurant for around 80,000 Rand. They then renamed it as ‘Nando’s’, after Duarte himself. Within two years the restaurant had four outlets, one being in Portugal and other three in Johannesburg. Today Nando’s operates in five continents, in over 35 countries with more than a thousand franchises. The Advertising Age magazine, in 2010, named Nando's as one amongst the world's top 30 hottest marketing brands. Today Nando’s is owned by South African businessman Dick Enthoven’s family.

Nando’s mission

At Nando’s they say their mission is clear, they’re the ones who fire it up!

Nando’s food

Peri peri (piri piri, pili pili), African Bird's Eye chilli, belong to the family of Capsicum frutescens. This is a type of chilli that is widely grown in the East and the Southern Africa. Products at Nando’s are basted in one of four main flavors of peri-peri. Apart from having an exquisite taste, peri-peri is also a rich source of vitamin C. It is known to be a purifying agent for the body and it provides a natural high, doing so by releasing endorphins into the blood stream. It also contains vitamin A, folic acid and potassium. Nando's specializes in the tongue tantalizing and succulent flame-grilled peri peri chicken. They also serve juicy burgers, pitas, Portuguese salads with warm chicken breast strips, grilled wings, the famous wraps, peri-peri hummous with toasted pita bread, espetada (chicken strips with fresh peppers on a bed of rice) and cataplana (Peri-peri chicken strips with peppers and tomatoes on Portuguese rice).

Nando’s Pakistan

Nando’s brought its authentic and unique taste to Pakistan in 2001. With seven restaurants nationwide, it has four franchises in Karachi, two in the heart of the country, Lahore, and one in Islamabad. The succulent and grilled chicken with Peri-peri and lemon has the nation falling in love with its mind blowing taste. Nando’s has given Paksitan an ideal place not only to please our taste buds but also to simply enjoy with our family and friends in their nice, warm, uniquely built outlets. As they say at Nando’s, they just don’t sell chicken, they sell experiences. The food served at Nando’s Pakistan is 100% halal and made of fine quality ingredients, looking after the health of its valued customers.

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