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About Cinnabon

Cinnabon as the world famous Dessert Restaurant

Cinnabon, initially a small bakery, was the offshoot of a Seattle Based chain of Restaurants Unlimited run by a man named Ray Lindstrom. It came into being on the 4th of December, 1985 in a mall named Sea Tac, in Federal Way, Washington (Suburb of Seattle). Initially, Rich and Greg Komen of Restaurants had set out to create the ‘’world’s best cinnamon roll’’. They took several trips to Indonesia to the find the very best, most exclusively flavorful and fragrant cinnamon. Having done so, they took on board a fine local food connoisseur and spent three month of endless kitchen experiments to create the most perfected version the Cinnabon recipe. Cinnabon has now become a chain of American baked goods stores and kiosks, with well over 850 Cinnabon bakeries operating worldwide in more than 35 different countries. Cinnabon outlets are usually located in areas that have high pedestrian traffic such as airports or malls. The Cinnabon headquarters are located in Sandy Springs, Georgia, United States. The company is currently owned by Focus Brands, affiliates to the firm Roark Capital Group.

Cinnabon Slogan

‘‘Life needs frosting’’

Cinnabon Mission

To remain the maker of the world’s most famous cinnamon rolls along with other baked goodies as well as beverages.

Cinnabon cuisines

Cinnabon is said to get its irresistibly indulgent flavors using the exotic ‘’Makara”” cinnamon, a fine intoxicating aromatic variety of cinnamon from Indonesia gives them their signature fragrance that attracts its customers from meters away. Warm soft and light dough, filled with cinnamon, topped with fresh sweet creamy cheesy frosting is baked at Cinnabon right before the eyes of their clienteles. The company’s signature item remains their large cinnamon roll. Other items include: Cinnabon Classic, Minibon Classic, Chocobon, Mini Chocobon, Pecanbon , Mini Pecanbon, Cinnabon Bites, Cinnabon Stix, Chillattas & Lemonattas (Blended frozen beverages), Mochalatta Chill, Salads, Sandwiches, Flatbreads and Breakfast. At Cinnabon you can also let the baristas tailor your desired espresso beverages which are made using authentic Arabica beans and may be served hot, over ice or blended. Cinnabon serves its delights and beverages under international hygiene standards, with a friendly staff welcoming you at each and every franchise.

Cinnabon Pakistan

Cinnabon franchises have been a straight hit ever since their first outlet was launched in the heart of the nation, Lahore, in 2010. After gaining mass popularity there, Cinnabon has spread out and launched four branches in Karachi and two in Islamabad. Filling our Pakistani malls with its signature fragrance, Cinnabon offers Pakistan its same great international taste, service, friendly staff and supreme quality.

Cinnabon via Eatoye

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