New Customers. More Reservations. Essential Technology.

You crave customers. Our diners crave food. Do you own or manage a restaurant or food delivery outlet? You can always get it listed on EatOye by getting in touch.

What we do for restaurants like yours.

You have tables to book. We have diners to feed. Every day, we bring new customers and more delivery orders to hundreds of restaurants we promote through We also offer a combination of class-leading technology and 24/7 customer service to help make running your restaurant as efficient as possible. Better yet - it's easy to be featured with minimal set-up fee, you only pay when we send you guests or orders.

How we help you find hungry diners.

You can only hand out so many pamphlets. We help by putting your restaurant information including menus on EatOye for the world to see, using computers or mobile phones. We also attract diners through advertising and incentives, so you can bring in even more reservations while providing technology that allows you to track customers and re-market to them – leading to happier, repeat customers.

Who reserves from

Your future customers are on-line and in search of food. They're young, smart, and dine in and out often. Many hang out with friends or go out for a casual bite at least once a week. They would be fans of your restaurant if only they knew about it.

24/7 FREE online food ordering

EatOye enables diners to order food online for free and pay better prices at great restaurants. Join the 1000s of smart diners who order food in style using our service every day.

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