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Sikander, the name has always been fit for a king and this very truth applies to our new kid-on-the-block favourite, Xander's Café. A lively, bright hue of yellow encases its exteriors while refreshing green and purple royally adorns its interiors for Karachi's latest upbeat café. Located within the folds of Ensemble in Clifton, Block 4, a fresh and brightly lit bistro has variety to offer apart from its food. The trio-sliced sky lights at the far corner of the restaurant offers as much warmth and required fluorescence as the sun can radiate. Additionally, the glassed entrance and a large side window infuse more glow into the remaining portion of the cafe.
A simple yet functional print-out menu presents a feast of flavours inspired from French, English and American cuisines that have been categorized into ‘Soups’ ,‘Salads’ and ‘Sandwiches and Wraps’. The newly trending ‘All Day Egg Breakfast’ spread and a Xander’s very own creation, ‘All Day Sweet Breakfast’ are the delights customers intending a quick meal can tuck into, finishing off with the mouth-watering ‘Sweet Tooth’ bites. Hot and Cold Beverages as well as Shakes, Juices, Cocktails and Smoothies are the ultimate thirst quenchers.
Starting with Seasonal Fruit Juice, Pomegranate and Passion Fruit Smoothie were refreshing for the warm afternoon. A note on Smoothies and selected Cocktails; all the fruits used are either frozen or canned since they are imported so be fairly warned in advance. ‘The Mariner’ Salad is a seafood lover’s delight as their signature horseradish and wasabi cocktail dressing is generously poured over succulent jumbo prawns accompanied by a side of fresh, healthy greens. ‘Home Smoked Chicken Sandwich’ is a dish which goes beyond your expectations amongst surprises galore. On an almost wafer-thin slice of Country Bread, a generous portion of smoked chicken slices are laid to rest with a cranberry and pistachio dressing and a drizzle of cranberry coulis. The first bite acknowledges where you are going; to Heaven. The same can be said to the light but perfectly battered-crisp Bekti ‘Fish and Chips’ accompanied with a homemade Tartar Sauce. For cheese and turkey salami afficionados, a French grilled Turkey bacon sandwich, ‘The Croque’ is smothered with Swiss cheese and Dijon mustard. A traditional Burmese hot favourite that has been localized, ‘Classic Khao-Suey’ has all the right ingredients and condiments to make it a winner main course. The creaminess of the sauce puts the entire meal into perspective.
Our sweet-tooth lovers will have the merriest time at Xander’s Café, as their variety extends to over ten dishes including sweet breakfast meals courtesy desserts connoisseur, Sharmila. The ‘Stuffed French Toast’ is the best opener as a breakfast platter for brunch, lunch or at any odd hour. Two toasts are stuffed generously with raspberry coulis before being golden fried to just the right colour and crispiness. A rich, dollop of cream accompanies the dish. For the fitness/health conscious of us, ‘Homemade Granola’ hits home to where it should. Fresh yoghurt topped with seasonal fruits, raspberry coulis and an in-house granola concoction personify a rainbow in a cocktail glass.
If you are a fan of cupcakes and red velvet cake, then this bistro has the right dessert choice for you – ‘Homemade Red Velvet Cupcake’. A mere bite incorporates a subtle yet flavourful lemon cream cheese frosting over a moist and well-textured red velvet sponge. Undoubtedly, the ultimate dessert on board Xander’s Café is their ‘Double Chocolate Brownie’ that oozes with 100% pure dark Belgian chocolate amongst a mouthful of Lindt chocolate chunks; being hard and crispy on the outside while being moist and soft from the inside.
A restaurant review is never complete without certain crucial finer points that need to be examined and looked into closely and thoroughly before passing any final j

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