What is your Flavor this Cricket World cup?

Posted by Natasha Rizvi on

Cricket runs in the family for every Pakistani. Weather it’s about playing the game or watching it, there’s unmatchable passion involved in any activity regarding cricket. That explains why brands love the cricket matches; it’s what their audience loves!
Everyone’s giving out something or the other, but the best of all is a ticket to the ICC World Cup 2015 itself!
All of this just makes me wonder, what would I do if I won this ticket?
No airfare and a free pass to the world cup! Who doesn’t want a free flight to Australia? My trip will obviously begin with a plane #seflie *pun intended* and I’d take it from there. Lodging, boarding, take off, airplane food, generally getting the basics covered with a post on my personal Facebook and Instagram profile on short intervals.
Social media rituals dial down at #touchdown, mainly because that’s when the fun begins. Weather I’ve seen Australia or not, I’m definitely seeing it for free for the first time ever. That has to have a different aspect to it. No?
Instant shopping spree post landing is mandatory or may be a quick visit to all the tourist sites! Whichever it is, the trip has to be #short&sweet. I’ll obviously get to the stadium as early as possible cz’ that will be the highlight of my twitter profile today & once I’m done covering the match I’m getting some job offers from sports channels mind you!
All in all, I believe this could be one of the most interesting trips I could ever have & I’d love to participate. Recently #LaysWavy has been going wild about the upcoming ICC World Cup 2015 with their #Whatsyourflavor campaign, giving out a ticket to the ICC World Cup 2015 on texting your favorite flavor to 9005.
I’m off texting to try my luck. Good luck everyone! Tell me #Whatsyourflavor

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