What is the point of guilt when there is pleasure?

Posted by Natasha Rizvi on

Centuries ago people started making refreshing summer-time desserts by taking sweet cream or custard and cooling them down with ice. The icier the cream, the more dense the product. The first iced creams were hence named because the style defined the procedure. Seasonal fruit flavors prevailed. Before modern refrigeration mostly well-heeled people had access to ice in the summer. This made ice cream a rare treat until mass modern technology punched in.
Ice cream does something funny to a lot of us. It makes us nostalgic, happy and it also helps us recover from heartbreak! Ice cream simply makes the world more colorful and greater.
There are a few reasons why this is the case. We are particularly inured to like foods that change texture in our mouths. As ice cream melts from solid to liquid, it keeps our brains engrossed. The cream covers all the sensors of your tongue when you lick an ice cream - from back to front, making your taste buds resonate with sweet and sharp sensations. As it is easy to digest, you can eat a lot without feeling unpleasantly full.
When we look around the globe to see how ice cream varies in different countries, we find some funky flavors but almost every country enjoys it—and the cultural interpretations vary according to penchants.
We have developed an opulent ice-cream culture in Pakistan. And here I bring a great news for you!
The big boy EatOye took some guilty pleasures social by signing off an MOU with the famed Unilever Wall’s ice cream in Pakistan. This can definitely take a beautiful turn in online food ordering experience.
Just like EatOye, Wall’s give you a variety – from flavors satiating local taste buds gravitating towards dry fruits, halwas and kulfas to western delights where you drift down toward candy and cookies in ice cream.
EatOye keeps customers close to heart and seeks for their pink health. But at the same time, we want them to have a blast. If you must count calories, and want to enjoy dessert without the guilt, enjoy dessert sensibly with the "CAN" principle:
- Control the portion size
- Allow desserts once in a while: it's not truly a treat if you have it daily, and studies show that you have fewer dessert cravings if you only indulge every so often
- Never finish sub-par desserts: if you don't love every bite, it's not worth eating
So, this is how our favorite food is cherished the right way, it almost qualifies as nutritious.
Oh it is so hot right now - now, I scream, you scream we all scream and download ice cream!
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