Websites Steal Millions (PKR) Worth Content from

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Websites Steal Millions (PKR) Worth Content from

Food Connection Pakistan has always extended its help to local startup businesses with open arms as we believe in supporting similar initiatives as the vision upheld by the company. We are aiming for the collective growth of the food industry of Pakistan. What we dont support is local initiatives taking undue advantage of the friendly image extended by the company and are well prepared to call out the criminals.
Food Connection Pakistan is a Private Limited company registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan. A Pakistani initiative of TSG Global (Pte) Ltd. partnered with an Australian based IT firm MAVENTOR (Pte) Ltd. Success has no short cuts and therefore since February 2011, FCPakistan initiated the painstaking and meticulous task of gathering premium data first hand for a premium product that was going to be known as FcPakistan which involved the team visiting major cities right down to going door-to-door for authentic information. In the end, a product materialized by which we could proudly stand by and be known for. Still the road does not stop here, our team is ever evolving to keep the content fresh and uptodate. We have a long way to go and we have the unwavering support of our followers to help us each step of the way.
It saddens us to see that few local internet startups have resorted to trying the easy ( read non-existant ) way to success by shamelessly copying content of Food Connection Pakistan. As much as we feel honoured that these startups find us a perfect product to bank on and copy from (thank you), but do they really feel a business can thrive in the long run that forms its roots on fraudalant grounds, why would their consumers trust such an initiative when their ideology is based on making quick bucks through fraudalent activities and not slightest bit concerned that is on public view.
We are tempted to finally bring a few of such initiatives to our foodies attention and help them in the attention they are trying to gain.
First company in question is, started by Athar Rasool in Faisalabad, has made a criminal offense by making copyright and Patent Infringement by copying the content and design of Food Connection Pakistan. Athar Personel Profile can be found at and and his compant Digital Solutions INC is located at P-21 Malik Plaza, College Road, Kohinoor Town​. Turns out that Athar Rasool who describes him self as "A blogger, Webmaster, poet, writer, freelance journalist, businessman, Internet Entrepreneur, adventure lover and a proud pakistani" is actually nothing more than a common thief.
Further a company based in Karachi by the name, has made an offense by making copyright Infrigment by copying content from Food Connection Pakistan. We would like to justify the case with both companies below:
a) Food Connection Pakistan Tailored Made Client Artworks and Design of the Webiste
*The Above shown design is property of Food Connection Pakistan. Also the Slider's Shown in above Pictures of Tooso and Chairman Mao have been designed by Food Connection Pakistan Brand Department. has copied all our homepage sliders and cropped them from the bottom to hide our copyrights, this eventually has resulted in Destroying the Brand Image of our Valued Restaurants.
b) Food Connection Pakistan Restaurant Database
* A Screenshot of Restaurants Database on, Which Features Logo's developed by Food Connection Pakistan. Surprisingly the copying was done at such a level that the logo of Food Connection Pakistan is also copied and Displayed with Details of Javed Nihari.
c) End to End Copy of Food Connection Pakistan Featured Clients Data
This Data Includes Professional Photography, Menu's, Description, Timings, Facilities and Information about other locations. It costs around Rs. 100,000 to get 1 Resta

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