Tutti Frutti Review By Natasha Khalid

Posted by Natasha Khalid on

On a sunny Sunday afternoon, I was invited for the bloggers meet up at tutti frutti, where they gave us an orientation about their brand. Fulfilling all our queries regarding the product.
Tutti frutti,is yet another yogurt place in town, a chain of the US, which has about sixty branches in Asia and three in Pakistan in cities namely, Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi.
Now,The question arises, with the revolution of various yogurt places in less than a year, how is this any different?
When asked Mr. Salman Niazi, (the owner) said, this is 100% yogurt, probiotic, healthier and has way less calories i.e. 25 calories in 280grams.He further adds on to say, that in Islamabad only, he knows quite a few people who would come there thrice a day for yogurt and did lose weight.
So if you’re planning to cut those calories and still have dessert, jump in here.
My experience here has been quite remarkable, since I like trying new flavors. This place did furnish to that need.uptil now I have tried eight flavors and all have been pretty good.
I will begin with the basics, Plain tart; which was a fresh creamy yogurt ,quite pleasing and not too tangy.choclate;something which tasted like ice cream, something suitable for kids when parents are enjoying yogurt.
The ones I liked best were pomegranate and strawberry. Ever since the advent of yogurt culture, I have been on a search of the strawberry flavored froyo that makes you cling to it and this is where I found it right. Here it has the right amount of yogurt, sweetness and tangy hint which one has in mind when he sees strawberry. Not just that but pomegranate is my second favourite.Even though I am not a huge fan of that fruit itself but their froyo was exceptionally superior in taste. Something which was everyone’s favorite on the table instantly.
Amongst the rest, the most anticipated flavor was “taro” which is a Japanese root plant .This is one flavor which is exclusively “tutti Fruttis” and you won’t find it anywhere else as far as Pakistan is concerned. As I had it for the first time, it tasted nice, not too sweet but had Japanese after taste to it. Cookies and cream and cheese cake were usual.Blueberry was quite good too with a soft taste.
A new trend that this place is coming out with is self service when taking out the froyo.quite a fun experience for me, thou I was quite messy with the new technology but their staff is pretty amicable to help you through. They have a huge variety of toppings to go with the froyo, ranging from al sorts of fruits to chocolates, marshmallows, vermicelli’s, coconut powder, oreos, syrups like caramel, chocolate and strawberry.
Their price range is according to grams, so its rs1 per gram .Comparatively they are cheaper with new improved flavors. Something to look forward too is that they will be introducing four new flavors per week besides the four standard flavors like strawberry, plain tart(te tart),chocolate and cream base.
I am anxiously looking forward too trying their red velvet, tiramisu, mango, tutti frutti and banana.
As for the interior, it is quite casual, not too over decorated, plain white chairs to sit on with pictures of froyo on the walls.
For people who love yogurt, you will love this new taste. For the ones who don’t like yogurt, maybe you ill start liking it after this.
Happy eating!​

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