Tutti Frutti Karachi Pre-Launch Bloggers Meet Up

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On the 6th of May, Food Connection Pakistan took the initiative of organizing a blogger’s meetup for Tutti Frutti Zamzama,the world’s famous frozen yogurt franchise which is now opening it's first outlet in Karachi(Zamzama) on 9th of May 8:00 PM Sharp.
Above Food Pictures CourtesySairah Malik
A very lazy, hot Sunday afternoon was thoroughly enjoyed by some of the finest bloggers present in Karachi.Blogger’s included Saira Khalid, Saira Malik, Farah.S.Kamal, Anum Hakeem , Waqas Ather Saeed, Nadir Siddiqui (Dawn News), Hani Taha (Express Tribune) , Natasha Khalid and Bilal Khan.
(Left to Right) Umer Hussayn - Franchise Owner, Salman Niazi - Master Franchisee
Mr. Salman Niazi , master franchisee generously briefed the blogger’s about Tutti Frutti. He mentioned that Tutti Frutti has opened its previous outlets in Lahore, Faisalabad, and Islamabad. It has an edge over other frozen yogurt because it’s the first of its kind to introduce 40 flavors in Pakistan, out of which 4 flavors remain constant, 8 different flavors every week and the flavors keeps on changing weekly as well, so people can experience different flavors every time they walk in the outlet. There is also a large collection of toppings as well to choose from, that includes chocolates, dry fruits , jam & jellies, delicious sauces & dips along with fresh or syrupy fruits.
(Left to Right) Saira Khalid, Natasha Khalid, Bilal Khan, Sairah Malik, Farah.S.Kamal.
According to Saira Khalid: Rightly Textured, Flavorful, Nutritious and Economical - Just as Yogurt Does ! Tutti Frutti has my vote".
According to Natasha Khalid: "A Very Hospitable Welcome, with the owner Satisfying most of our queries about Yogurt.
Amongst the flavours that I tried Plain tart was what I enjoyed most with Vanilla, Chocolate toppings, Not to tangy or sweet a nice fresh
yogurty taste"
According to Waqas Ather Saeed "Tasted Like Ice Cream yet carried with it a feel of being pure fresh and healthy. Additionally there are interesting and wide array of topping options available. I predict a successful launch of Tutti Frutti in Karachi".
Sairah Malik Posing her Creation for a Snap
At Tutti Frutti , the yogurt is 100% pure with absolutely no added sugar which means even diabetic patients can enjoy a fresh cup of delighted frozen yogurt. All the flavors are made up of natural extracts, also pro bioteches , which helps one to digest easily. Everything is made in-house with secures the hygiene factor. It is healthy with 25 Calories per 280gms, also cheaper than most available (one rupees per gram).
According to Sairah Malik "Judging from the marketing strategy and the product offering, they have a lot of things right to appeal to the masses.. value for money, innovative flavours, toppings variety, friendly atmosphere. As for the health benefits, I believe moderation is the key."
Nadir Siddiqui from Dawn News Showing the Team at Tutti Frutti, how its done !
Farah S Kamal Busy in decorating Froyo with Jelly and Jams, (only available at Tutti Frutti)
Tutti Frutti is also the first to come up with the “self serve” system throughout their branches, meaning, anyone can go in, get hold of a cup, dispense any flavor of your choice from the cutting edge soft serve machines, add toppings which they desire , weigh the cup and accordingly pay – how simple and refreshing is that ! Each machine pours out two flavors simultaneously.
As far as the ambience is concerned, the Zamzama branch is quite spacious, ideal for anyone who wishes to dine in and to be surrounded by nice, colorful décor with the smell of fresh and tasty yogurt all around the place.
The official launch is on the 9th of May 2012 at 8:00 p.m onwards. They are also opening their Next branch by the end of May (opposite BBQ tonight) and their third branch at So

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