Today At Maghrib, We All Will Be One!

Posted by Saher Shakil on

​In a city dysfunctional for years, where we all are divided into various groups, we look for a motive, a person or a reason to unite us. We Karachiites have shamelessly dissected ourselves into various categories like UMT (Urdu medium type), EMT (English medium type) or in classes HS (high society), LS (low society), even geographically, this side of the bridge, that side of the bridge! Sigh! But still, we all have a hope for a savior, a rescuer, who would unite us and make us one.
This Ramzan I thought I would do some good to the community and find something that unites us! I thought…and thought… and thought some more but couldn’t think of anything. Uff…what weird qoum we are! Then one fine aftaar as I picked up a tall cold glass of laal sharbat, it hit me that… Oh My God, no matter how cool, burger, hip or desi, cheap, chichora we are, we all share a mutual love for laal sharbat at aftaari!
Eureka! I’ve found something that unites us!!​
During Ramzan almost every table at Maghrib time has laal sharbat and it’s equally enjoyed by everyone of every age, type, society and class. We all share and agree upon the belief that nothing quenches the thirst better than laal sharbat in Ramzan.
To further authenticate this thought, I asked around few people what do they enjoy drinking the most at iftaar? “roh afza is the bomb man!” said an EMT, HS, this side of the bridge dude. “laal sharbat with lemon tastes delicious! You can actually feel it going inside you.” Said another hip burger.​
I went to a famous restaurant at Zamzama for iftaar and deliberately asked if they served laal sharbat, to which the person serving replied, “Maam, you mean strawberry margarita?”Under a bridge, I saw free iftaari being served to the poor and the people stuck in traffic; even they were serving laal sharbat with a plate of samosa n fruits.
Laal sharbat is everywhere in Ramazan!
Interesting isn’t it? That throughout the year nothing seems to be in common in the people of Karachi but as Ramzan comes, we all come close and fall under one category of laal sharbat lovers and we all are proud of it. Some of you will agree with it and some of you will choose not to agree with it but deep down inside you all know it’s true. So I guess in today’s iftaar, you’ll be looking at the pitcher of laal sharabt very differently!
Go ahead, enjoy it and make all the Karachiites proud because today at Maghrib, we all will be one!​

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