The Wait Is Over. Fcpk Is Here!

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The Wait Is Over. Fcpk Is Here!

F​CPK showed up on my facebook news feed, one warm April afternoon in twenty eleven. For a split of a second, i was many emotions - baffled at the thought of another international branded clothing label to hit karachi, that is, french connection UK or FCUK;
Curious about the details of the initials 'F', 'C', 'P' and 'K'; Skeptic about the free giveaways being on offer and ecstatic about the refreshingly colourful logo.With all these emotions doing a whirlwind inside of me, I found myself drawn to their page and was in for an even bigger surprise!
The wall was cheerfully populated by their fans' responses to daily moderator-created questions. The page was active and lively. this however, was only a meager element of the page's 'activeness' and 'liveliness'. the real eye candy was invested in the vibrant images designed​ for the contestants participating in the frequent competitions. this also included a mention of the winners' names for each contest in the images; as if they werebeing inducted into a revolutionary cult of some sort. and so they were.
The page had been listed as a 'website' which made me want to delve deeper. one look at the hypertext link and that said it all - as bold and eye-catching as the images on the facebook page. below the main header, a brightly-coloured pink column glared at me. it had several huge empty white boxes with larger-than-life text over them. the heading said 'register with us' and just below, more than two thousand fans had registered and were in counting. remarkable for a pre-launch! I signed up immediately. So what was this 'f', 'c', 'p' and 'k' all about that was driving droves of the Pakistani youth to be so actively participating in prize-guaranteed competitions while also registering at a less-known and obscure website? As I browsed the page, I gathered some more information. The venture claims to be Pakistani which made me pleasantly pleased tosee my countrymen developing a new initiative. Apparently this page was in a pre-launch phase and would be launching within the next couple of weeks.
My smile had now turned into a grin.
For those of you unfamiliar with the Pakistani culture, our hearts, minds, souls and stomachs are tied to a four letter word - F-O-O-D!!You got that right. The 'f' stands for a no-brainer, 'FOOD'; 'c' for 'CONNECTION'; 'p' and 'k' for 'PAKISTAN'. In short, FCPK is FOOD CONNECTION PAKISTAN.
waaaaaaaaooooow. Now this sounds interesting. Phew! What a relief!! So my first emotion of a clothing chain opening up has been proved wrong. Food always comes first.
Food connection Pakistan is a Pakistani food lover's portal. Whether you live or travel amongst the cities of Karachi, Lahore or Islamabad, fancy restaurants, fast food chains, over-rated cafes and coffee shops, localized businesses and all in between are featured, published and available for viewing by any food junkie. all you need to do is, type in the name of the restaurant you wish to visit/order from in the 'search venue' tab and the relevant details will be displayed before you in a matter of seconds. What more could a pakistani citizen ever want? and that too, with 'hot deals' being offered, featured venues' a permanent advertisement fixture, a chance to win a hefty food voucher upon registering and several periodic competitions are all packed into this foodilicious portal.
On another very warm summer afternoon, on the seventh of July twenty eleven to be exact, the FCPK team officially opened its doors by posting numerous teaser images - a number countdown - on their facebook page. fans were thankfully relieved for the much-awaited event to take place. Scores of glitzy and glamorous pages were added to the once single index page. Even the much-awaited blog has been appended.
This is only the tip of the iceberg for foodies. If you click on one of the featured restaurants under 'featured venues', the site will take you to a complete know-it-all about the chosen location. Everything from a

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