“The Noodle House” Raises The Bar For The Restaurant Industry Even Before Stepping Full Steam In The Market!

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During our journey of being the dedicated food crusaders that we are, we have hashed offerings from lowest of dhabbas to the highest level of Fine Dining our territory has to offer; but still, nothing could have prepared us for the exquisite experience we were destined for when we stepped into this newest entry named The Noodle House.
We all love travelling, don’t we? For some, travelling means taking a break from hectic schedules, relaxing or just simply unwinding, while for some it means buying exclusive brands but for some of us crazy gastronomes.. It’s the food! Trying out different cuisines, devouring different authentic flavors, discovering new spices that add zest to food experiences is definitely a highlight for some of us wild ones.
And yes, we are one of those! And if ever asked what we miss the most truly from those globetrotting excursions then South East Asian food is what we all reminiscence the most about. The fragile and most aromatic flavors never truly leave its lingering aroma from within us and our taste buds are left yearning to relive the memories once more.
So when The Noodle House decided to open its doors in Karachi, we were the happiest people! The Noodle House invited Food Connection Pakistan’s team to the blogger’s meet-up on 26th September 2012. The event was invite based only where many food enthusiasts were requested to be a part.
After a phenomenal success in Lahore, The Noodle House is set to take Karachi’ites tastebuds on another level. As we all agree, variety is the spice of life and spice is the life of South Eastern Asian food. From dishes like Roasted Duck - Singapore Style With Hoisin Sauce and fresh pillow soft dumplings to seared salmon with lime and sweet soy , this continent has arguably the most variety and flavor of all.
The Noodle House has created flavors which reflect the wafting warmth of Malaysia, the fiery hit of Jakarta, the lingering aroma of Singapore and Hong Kong. Fragrant South East Asian spices and ingredients make up this robust and punchy menu where the flavors are deep and beautifully textured. One of the most notable plate of food is the Wasabi Prawns , basted with a vibrant wasabi mayo, seated on this utterly fresh crunchy bed of vegetables. Curry Laska with chicken and prawns deserve a special mention too, as this dish ramps up the authentic South East Asian flavors with its bright yellow color and velvety soft textures. Shanghai Beef noodles is strongly recommended by Chef Lambok (Head Chef- The Noodle House ) and yes this one particular dish is simply in another league altogether! The chef’s excellence is displayed in the most tender and beautifully prepared dishes. All dishes are served as the chefLambok pleases, often with seasonal vegetables and aromatic spices.
The Noodle House is definitely no frills, but as mentioned earlier the food is fresh, authentic and dangerously delicious, and if anything, the simplicity of the décor goes to emphasize just how fantastic the food is. With long lines, dark wood and natural finishes and clean contours, The Noodle Houses breathes a sleek and sharp look. The servers are humble, enthusiastic and are knowledgeable about the menu.
After launching first in the 2002, the brand has gone from strength to strength with restaurants in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Muscat, Doha, Kuwait, Bahrain, Riyadh and Limmassol. Excusive rights to open nation wide chain of The Noodle House in Pakistan is acquired by Zahdan Retail, a company of Zahdan Group (Pvt) Ltd.
Usman Sakrani, COO of Zahdan Retail said: “The secret behind the success of South East Asian cuisines is the fact that it combines taste of numerous cultures and flavors from cities such as Hongkong , Malaysia, Shanghai, Bangkok and Jakarta. Inspiration of The Noodle House comes from the streets of South East Asian countries

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