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Posted by Shanim Ali Zaidi on

The original American food chain which started off in 1952 by a food lover, a woman who believed in providing foodies with the best burgers they had ever eaten.And so 60 years later, it finally comes to Karachi. Located at the recent most popular place in Karachi, Fat Burger is facing the sea front, Dolmen City Mall, in Clifton, an accessible place and convenient for people far off in the city who wish to enjoy the sea on weekends.
Drawn by its signature color combination of chrome yellow and tomato red, clearly dominating the spaciously laid out food court of the Dolmen Mall. With an interestingly distorted ceiling spread out throughout the restaurant themed with wooden tables and red chairs and booths.
Their menu has something for any and everyone, from the drooling BBQ beef burger to the Jalapeno chicken burger and to my surprise they had their famous “Turkey Burger” as well, not to forget the Vegetarian meal as well. An interesting choice in the multiplicity of fries, from fat and skinny to chili cheese, their crispy chicken wings and chicken strips, from their chicken salad to their chili dog to their homemade onion rings, everything very original, hot and fresh.
The restaurant setting is very interactive, with the walls inviting you to share your “Fat Burger” experiences, which was very innovative and personalized. Also, once you place your order and the cashier repeats it for you, the staff loudly shouts out and responds back to the cashier and to you, making the atmosphere very energetic, emphasizing on the word “Homemade” a lot.
Fat burger’s kitchen is wide open where you can see your burger being assembled step by step with their soft whole wheat buns being toasted and the lean and fresh meat being put on them with your choice of “condiments” like the egg, Swiss cheddar cheese, chili or bacon being added on. On the other end you’ll hear the whirling sound of the blender, mixing in the creamiest hand scooped ice cream to make you the thickest milkshake ever.
After all that visual expedition you can’t wait to indulge in your juiciest, meatiest “Fat Burger” and to sip on that milkshake with just the perfect sweet content.
With their meat, as they have termed it “Lean and fresh” hence are being true and accurate to their statement. The burger was very tender and very much prepared in the classical American gourmet style that you might want to add not only a double but a triple patty to your burger as well.
Fat Burger, sounds like the typical junk/ fast food chain, however it is really made in a much healthier way where you can add and subtract ingredients according to whatever suits your taste buds. It might just take you back again and again with the perfect waiting time, services, staff, hygienic environment, convenient location and the attractive “hang out/ eat out burger joint.

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