The Inferno Challenge at Ginsoy - Mission Accomplished!

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For most people, Sunday is a day when people tend to relax, sit back, watch a movie or have a few laughs with their loved ones and get prepared for the next week, but at the famous Ginsoy Extreme Chinese restaurant this Sunday on the 20th of January turned out to be quite a memorable one. Ginsoy Extreme Chinese restaurant hosted a contest named “The Inferno Challenge” at which the participants will be adjourned with the spicy, hot tinge of the latest Inferno Wings with the Inferno Sauce tagging along.
The contest started with twelve participants confidently and eagerly taking part in the challenge named Rabeet Rao, M. Waqas saboor, Mohammad Akbar, Syed Omair Ahmed, Abdur Rehman Khan, Shaheer Ahmed Siddiqui, Hoor Hanif, Hira Khatri, Batool Habib, Mahe Khurram, Sehrish Shuja and Hareem Sumbul . The rules of the contest were simply, each finalist will be given a total time of four minutes to complete ten Inferno Wings. If the finalist is not able to finish wings within four minutes it will directly lead to a loss. The lucky, hardworking winner will be given an Ipad Mini and the runner ups with free Ginsoy Extreme Chinese food vouchers worth Rs. 400 each.
After successfully dictating the rules and regulations out to the participants, the much awaited challenge began. The spicy, hot wings proved to be extra hot for the contestants and they seemed to struggle a lot to gobble up those sizzling wings. As the clock was ticking, the competition became more exciting and breath-taking with just two competitors fighting till the end named Rabeet Rao and Abdur Rehman Khan both were destined to finish all the ten spicy Inferno Wings at the exact time.
To spice up the competition more, a tie-break took place between Rabeet Rao and Abdur Rehman. The person who completes five Inferno Wings the fastest will be declared the winner and it was none other than Abdur Rehman who fortunately completed the task and claimed to be the winner of an Ipad Mini and the rest of the runner ups with the food vouchers.
All participants took the challenge in its true spirit and appreciated the birth of the new, spicy and sizzling hot Inferno Wings to be a part of Ginsoy Extreme Chinese restaurant menu.
Some of the lucky contestants had the following to say:-
Rabeet Rao: - “It was a great challenge and I’m glad I took part in this contest. The wings were super hot and spicy and a must try for all”
Mohammad Akbar: - “Wings were extremely hot, a combination of spices and chicken. A nice experience”
Abdur Rehman: - “Too much hot and really tasty wings for a new comer. Happy to be the winner and have a mouth-full of those Inferno Wings”..

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