The Food Scene at Dolmen Mall Clifton by Natasha Khalid

Posted by FCPK Editor on

Weren’t we bored of the same old malls in town? Going to the same place every other day, at times bumping into the same faces we saw last week and are familiar with them as every weekend we see each other but still don’t care to pass a smile or say hello!
After an extended skillful construction, came into being,The Dolmen Mall Clifton, better known as Hyper Star in the city. A tremendously spacious shopping mall in the history of malls in Karachi.
It consists of a huge parking space with guards to tell you where to park. Then after a little checking here and there, we are led by escalators to the first floor where this big supermarket “hyper star” is located, a place where u find it all, I can’t pin point a single thing that my eyes didn’t see. A must mention is their reasonable rates on vegetables, fruits and bakery items. All are freshly baked and the whole place seems to be wrapped in that aroma.

A floor above is my favorite, with all the brands of my interest, namely Mantra, Accessorize, Koel, Generation and various others. The good thing about them here is that the shops are bigger and better. A weird observable fact but somehow I find better variety in shops here than any other place. It is a comment I always leave the shop keepers with too.
A floor beneath, has the BUTLERSCHOCOLATE CAFÉ; located, which is always full too. JUNXION COFFEE SHOP is also available if someone does not like BUTLERS CHOCOLATE CAFÉ. Although it has only been a few months but this place is always loaded with people due to the fact that it is under one roof one finds all brands, from local to international. Not only that but a lot of restaurants are in the pipeline too, GUN SMOKE, Bistro 76, CHACHA JEE, CHAIRMAN MAO, THE NOODLE HOUSE and EXPRESSO, are few highly anticipated new restaurants.
On top of that, despite the number of people present, the spacious alleys allow you not to bump in to strangers due the compactness resulting from overcrowding. Their central air conditioning and cleanliness is also remarkable. So if you haven’t been there, then go and enjoy a mall that sort of stands in comparison to International malls. A place new for the karachities ,who are bored of going to the old malls not only that but a place where you just need to stop once when you’re out shopping and the whole family can find their sort of brands to shop from along with availability of certain eateries where one can sit and relax.​

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