The Deli - Review By Natasha Khalid

Posted by Natasha Khalid on

While walking with friends on the streets of Zamzama. During yet another one of our window shopping episodes, I came across this small restaurant by the name of The Deli. As I walked inside, turned out, the bistro was packed with people. After a wait of good fifteen minutes we were seated upstairs. The place was pretty cozy and to my ears conversations were audible on the tables around us. Therefore this place is definitely not a recommendation for a lunch or dinner that one plans to have in silence.
Never the less, we were served with fresh refined garlic bread. The menu had a fine compilation of food that was different from the ones I find in every other restaurant. Mostly had Thai, Italian and European cuisine. I ordered Tarragon chicken in honey mustard sauce, which was mammoth in serving, tasted fabulous served with sautéed vegetables cut craft fully and grated potatoes with cheese between the layers. All complementing each other in taste. The next dish on the table was meditteraan pasta with prawns, a good blend of spices with prawns for the people who enjoy fiery food. Their stir fry khausay, a dish this place is notorious for, were nice, mild and flavorsome with a huge serving again that two people with an average metabolism can easily digest .They weren’t too spicy or bland. Deli is also famous for their salads, amongst them; pomegranate and Goat cheese salad is a recommendation!
To swallow food down our throats, we ordered drinks. I ordered peach margarita which had a little sharp taste for my taste buds. Strawberry lemonade was startling and so was their blueberry margarita.
People with a sweet tooth, treasure desserts at every nook and corner. So do i.Hence, amongst their desserts the lindt chocolate mousse is heavenly delicious. It has chocolate shavings wrapping the mouse completely with a slight lindt taste to help you recover from the sugar coma one gets to experience while having a rich dessert. Not only that but Chef’s Special ‘Rabab’s Lindt Cappuccino Brownie’ served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream is something not just brilliant to look at but equally delightful in taste.
My trip here was pleasurable. The presentation of food along with the quantity served is praiseworthy. Although not so spacious but the place looks interesting with old Karachi pictures pasted up on the yellow painted walls, taking you back to the 1940’s era. A beautiful ornate chandelier hangs down from the mezzanine floor down to the tables at the ground floor. Stairs made of wooden planks; furniture is quite ordinary and simple.
Their staff is very user friendly. They helped me through their menu. Food was served quite in a different way. Price range lies between RS800 to 1000 per head.
One might judge it due to its size but wait for the food to make your judgment turn in a positive direction.

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