Surprisingly Shocking: Lunch at Shoko-Latte

Posted by Moiz Kazmi on

Entering the spacious confines of the Shoko-Latte Restaurant/Café on the 5th floor of the newest kid on Karachi’s mall block, Ocean Mall, I was shocked yet pleasantly surprised to discover the fare on the menu at this newly opened eatery. Reason being: like many others, I had gone in fuelled by a hunger for all things chocolaty (as the name seemed to suggest to me!) but at the sight and smell of the live cooking stand was suddenly okay with the knowledge that it was a full service restaurant. Done up in shades of brown and grey, Shokko-Latte is tucked away from the shopping madness of the other four floors, in what seems to be an up and coming restaurant block at the mall.
After the noise and activity within the mall, we were glad for the quietude offered at Shoko-Latte, and within seconds we were welcomed in, seated and offered the menu. Instantly hungry, we didn't want to waste time tucking into our lunch. Choosing what to eat however took a while, for the menu offered not just variety, but also was replete with exquisite descriptions of each of the gastronomical delights on offer. Deliberation over what to eat took its toll on us and we thus ended up over ordering… and for once did so without regret or guilt of any sort. Thankfully the food did not take long to arrive.
After tucking into a shared salad as our appetizer, which we both agreed was quite nicely put together, we were both glad the main courses arrived quick and piping hot, and the aroma of the food itself was proof that it would taste as good as it looked. Moroccan Chicken for me and Pan Fried Fish for my friend, both were gobbled in almost complete silence by us, as the food was good enough to not warrant conversation. But between sips of our respective mocktails (of which there are quite a few on offer) one of us would take out a few seconds to marvel at the meal. Quite unlike us, the conversation was just about the meal, which was served, in more than ample portions, with perfectly stir fried veggies as sides. Needless to say, our plates were eaten clean within minutes.
Neither one of us having the heart to say no to the scrumptious delights on offer for dessert, we decided to share a slice of the Chocolate Brownie Cake. And our accompanying coffees, which we ordered on the waiter’s recommendation, certainly did justice to the gooey goodness of our choice of dessert.
Having eaten more than either one of us could handle, we were surprised when the very courteous waiter bought in the bill. Yes, we both felt that the bill was a bit unkind to the deliciousness of the food, but super-duper kind to our end-of-the-month wallets. When food tastes good and comes in without burning a hole in one’s pocket, it’s a given that one would want to come back, and needless to say, we both did not leave without making reservations (with other friends in my case, and family in my friend’s case) for the approaching weekend.
The launch ribbon was cut by Mirza Ishtiaq Baig and also featured a fashion presentation with models enjoying some delicious chocolate desserts and mocktails, donned in luxury gowns by Trevor Castelino and styled by Altaf's Salon. The launch event's coordination and PR was handled by Munaf Mansoor.
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