Student Biryani Badar Commercial Review by Sadaf Farooqui

Posted by Sadaf Farooqi on

Cafe Student Birayni serving delicious Chicken Biryani started a long, long time ago, as any Karachiite knows, and eventually their biryani came to be known as Student Biryani. Today, it is a thriving business that has many outlets in the city. This outlet recently opened in Defence phase 5, on 13th street in Badar Commercial area, between Daily Dubai Restaurant and the KFC on main 26th street.
The outlet is double-storied and offers a play area for children. From the insidethere are many deals on offer for different family sizes, where the prices are fairly economical. And also Kids's meals come with the usual toys. We ordered a Deal which was for Rs 180: quarter fried chicken (2 pieces), French fries, dinner roll and a Coke, Finger Fish for Rs 110 for the children. I have tried this more than once, and I must say that for a Biryani outlet, they sure make superb finger fish! Along with Chicken nuggets (6 pieces) with some fries for the children - Rs 140, as good in quality as those found at the franchise with the golden arches. We also had ordered another Deal , priced at Rs 240, included one regular plate of Student Chicken Biryani, raita, and... .One (beef) Shami Kabab, one piece of fried chicken,and a Coke.
Verdict: Do I even need to say it? The biryani is awesome! And this, coming from someone who is not a particular fan of biryani, despite it being one of the most popular items in our local cuisine (judging from how it is an imperative part of the menu at every wedding).

Please note: the above prices may have been changed, kindly double check on them.​

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