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Ask anyone what their favorite food is, and no doubt pizza will top their list as one of their favorite food items. So, every time when a new pizza company sprouts in our beloved cities, it needs to be “checked out”. Few days back, we ordered “Stone Baked Pizza” at work, a new Pizza delivery service in Karachi.Each time we place an order, we expect the delivery person to call us again for accurate directions.Most of the time they call us complaining that we have given them wrong addressesand that they are lost. We don’t really argue with them because this is a normal ritual in our case. As to our surprise, Stone Baked Pizza never called back. After exactly thirty minutes the bell rang, and our massive 18 inch Say cheese and Legendary Pizza was delivered. Everyone stopped working, obviously you can’t work when a massive aromatic pizza is placed smack in front of you, and also because we were not expecting such quick delivery!
The aroma in the air was just fabulous. We took the first bite and there we all let out the typical “mmmmmmmmm” expression. The “mmmmm factor” is honestly the easiest and fastest way to judge any food item!The pizza (Rs.1,250/-) had a nice chewy base with heaps of delicious toppings, althoughanyone can throw delicious toppings on a pizza and call it a pizza but the trick is to achieve a great crust, which Stone Baked Pizza did successfully. The crust wasthin and slightly burnt, which signifies its stone oven baking.The meat was juicy, the vegetablewere roasted to perfection, the Parmesan and Danish Mozzarella jingled with our taste buds loudly. Cinnamon Rolls (Rs. 150 /- each) were fresh and supple. Although they were kept aside for a while, yet when we attacked them, they were warm, rich and delightful and oh boy ..huge! The gorgeous frosting was licked clean and tasted divine.Overall an excellent Pizza and even better dessert – it was honestly worth every calorie.Everyone, do give Stone Baked Pizza a ring soon. They deliver great pizzas on time and also hold great value for money, and yes their delivery boys are super quick with the directions. The only issue is .. there might be a big fight over the last piece of pizza slice .
Team FCPK wishes Stone Baked Pizza all the best with their new venture , and we geniunely hope they keep up their excellent food quality and on time delivery in years to come.

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