Spread The Love – Fusion Lounge | Valentines Deal 2013 Karachi

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Everyone’s idea of Valentine’s Day varies, with their personality. Not taking away from the fact that romance is an integral part of this particular day. Even though Fusion Lounge is setting up a beautiful candle-lit evening for Valentine’s Day, there is a lot more to Fusion Lounge in terms of ambience.
The bright colors in the room is a testament to the fact that those going for valentine’s day at Fusion Lounge are the more fun loving mischievous crowd, who may have problem toning down their fun side. There is more happening then one would like to put into words. It is a day filled with surprises. Not only are they having a valentine’s dinner but starting early around lunch time. It is a fine idea because who knows when love-struck couples may get the time for a special meal together.
The menu for the special day comprises of five deals where platters have been chosen from the regular menu and some has actually been arranged just for Valentine. Five special meal packages have been lined up ranging from Rs. 2100 – 3100 including Starters, Main Course, Drinks and Dessert for each couple.
If a teaser for those five menus were to be given, it would take away from the surprise, but we’ll be nice ;) There is a “Love Hunt Burger”, “Love Thunder Chicken”, “Special Valentines Platter”, and of course the special Valentine Drinks and Dessert and many more.
Just when you want to wrap up your evening after making wonderful memories with your special one there are also 5 special prizes which will be given to 5 selected couples and how you get them is something we’ll leave up to you to find out ;) So go ahead have the time of your life, make some feel as special as they make you feel! Have a Happy, Fun, and Party of a Valentine’s Day!

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