So like the crispy crunchy taste, will never let it go to waste

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It's a casual food, eaten with your hands, with a bone at its core. It's something we can all connect with, regardless of any walk of life we come from.
It is Chicken broast – Besides the low-carb frenzy where grilled chicken has a showcasing role on the plates of diet-conscious eaters, chicken that's been tattered and soaked in blistering hot oil enjoys its time in the limelight.
What untangles this bird from the rest of the flock are the frills that make sure that every slurp is a burst of taste and texture. The chicken has a good crust, the skin is savory in flavor, and the meat is delicious.
One can taste a blend of pepper and seasoning that would make the bird proud.
An experienced cook can make a reputation on terrific fried chicken, but a poorly done bird - gooey, slimy or otherwise poorly rendered - can shamble that repute.
There is something about the finger licking broast served with white garlic sauce and the crispy fries at Karachi Broast. They have made a name for themselves over the years, mostly for chicken broast.
EatOye has recently welcome Karachi Broast on board. As a goodwill gesture, everyday three EatOye customers will be surprised by getting a full chicken broast free voucher by Karachi Broast. This anticipation will continue from March till mid-April.
All those chicken lovers out there must not miss this opportunity – order as much as you can and wait for your chicken to knock your door.
It’s not the batter or what kind of oil you fry it in or what language you speak when ordering it. Fried chicken is about sitting down at the table and eating with your hands. It’s about feeling the connection between what you’re eating and the people who prepared it. Chicken broast is one of the greatest food in the world because no matter where you call home, it tastes like home.
Don’t forget to make you serve it with sweetened ice tea.
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