SNOG Launches in Karachi

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From across the street, amongst slow moving traffic, you could see 6th commercial lane at Zamzama was hosting a party this Saturday night. Designed as a ‘street party’,SNOG Pure Frozen Yogurt launched its first outlet in Karachi on 18th February 2012, with a tastefully done event. The event was organised by Voila PR. Streaks of hanging lights looking over what seemed like a hot pink carpeted road with grass on both sides, and hot pink and white flower arrangements welcomed the onlooker.

Photo Above : Mutahir Mahmood Photography
This was an initiative by the SNOG Franchisee Pakistan Saraa Gheewala, and it was received with unending enthusiasm. You could tell by the smiling customers, friends and family and supporters that were swarming the place. The DJ kept up the mood of the party with the latest upbeat songs. ACT One, a popular dance and fitness group performed on the SNOG song which chanted the tagline ‘I fancy a SNOG’ and energized the crowd. As I walked through I noticed everyone was holding a small white paper cup, which was unmistakably a very tempting looking SNOG. I had to get myself one.
Curious as to what is a SNOG? It’s a British brand originating in London, and it’s Pure Frozen Yogurt. It comes in a natural yogurt flavor but also comes in a variety of commonly loved flavours, such as chocolate, strawberry, blueberry, and (it may surprise you), even green tea. Toppings include chocolate hearts, strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, bananas and many more seasonal offerings. The menu also offers brownies and jumbo cookies, among other fresh treats.
When you have your first SNOG, you may almost instantly a follower. Why do I fancy a snog? Its low on calories, it tastes great and I have to admit that like icecream, it was as much fun to have on a breezy February evening as it would be on a hot summer afternoon! And this place was oozing of health. I’m all for healthy eating and even freeze yogurt at home because I simply love it, but this place had an atmosphere. It wasn’t about just consuming an ‘organic product’ that contains the healthiest ingredients, the ambiance at SNOG can make you feel lighter, happier and refreshed. It felt like landing on a soft cloud. Soft white peaks of clean white yoghurt could be seen in every hand, as the servers in their bright turquoise uniforms drifted in and out of the shop. The mini tester cups kept me thirsting for more. Rich tropical colours, and lots of very clean white space, a haven for nature and health lovers. Kat Anaru from New Zealand, who works for SNOG Pakistan, summarized the brand as well as the launch as ‘fresh, fun and guilt-free’!
Stepping inside, there were hundreds of enchanting colourful lights suspended from the ceiling. It was mesmerizing, warm and wonderful. I spotted Mr. Ardeshir Cowasjee who was also having his first SNOG with strawberry topping. Other celebrities present at the launch were Hasan Rizvi of BodyBeat, models Nadia Hussain, Actress Serwat Jillani, Begum Nawazish Ali and many more. SNOG has been added to Karachi’s fast growing health-conscious market at a very suitable time. As more and more of the youth are leaning towards a fit lifestyle with responsible eating choices, it was heartening to see a large number of senior participants at this launch.

Photography below : Mutahir Mahmood Photography
The management plans to open the next outlet in Dolmen Mall Clifton in about two weeks time.​​​​​​​

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