Slogan Reviews Fcpk

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Slogan Reviews Fcpk

​Make the Food Connection
Looking for a good place to eat ?Look no further. Simply click on and you will find yourself on a very interesting website called Food Connection Pakistan ( also known as FCPK) , which rolled out in Karachi on July 9th.
FCPK enables you to search for eateries all across Pakistan and through intelligent softwares identifies your specific requirements . Various other features make it a potential contender for becoming the catchiest trendsetter around town as the website plans to keep unwrapping a series of surprise's in the coming days .It recently hosted a Surprise Mob Cheer for one of its lucky winners at the Forum as part of its pre-launch hype , surprising the winner as well as everyone else present in the shopping mall atrium at the moment .
The website is giving out free memberships to mark its launch , which meansthe first1000 sign ups will get free giveaways. This will be followed by sweepstakes for another prizes , including an Android and an IPOD.​

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