Robbiya Ice cream Lahore Review by J Sheikh

Posted by J Sheikh on

Robbiya Ice cream Lahore Review by J Sheikh

I doubt there’s anyone in Lahore who hasn’t heard of Robbiya , so I’m writing this for all our non-Lahori friends that come to visit us on occasion. As the ice-cream cone wala’s are slowly dying out, one magical little machine in Liberty continues to produce the most heavenly ice cream and has been doing so for the last however-many decades (at least two I think)*. I can’t think of any other such ice cream spots that have become even half as popular as Robiya.
To make your way there, search out the ginormous monstrosity that is the Liberty Park ‘ n ‘ Ride plaza and go through the drop lane and you will magically end up right in front of Salt & Pepper. Do not be on the lookout for a signboard or a picture of kids eating ice cream, instead ask one of the Salt & Pepper waiters who are probably at your window by now to send the Robbiya guy.
Once the Robbiya guy has graciously made his way over to take your order, choose from the plethora of flavors (chocolate / vanilla / chocolate-vanilla mix) and toppings (chocolate sauce / no chocolate sauce/ extra chocolate sauce). Do not forget to specify if you want it in a cup or a cone. I would also suggest asking for tissues because the ice cream melts quickly. Really quickly.

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