Roasters - A Treat for the Taste Buds, by Aurangzeb A. Durrani

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Roasters - A Treat for the Taste Buds, by Aurangzeb A. Durrani

I am the kind of foodie who evaluates a food experience bit by bit so when a friend and I made plans to get together for lunch I decided to hit Roasters (Sindhi Muslim). Reservation was made prior for 12pm and we reached there precisely on time. It was quiet a disappointment to see cleaning still going on and we were told to wait outside so that the spraying could be done. It was said in a tone that is not used while dealing with customers. Thanks to Food Connection Pakistan, a call was made to the management at Roasters and we were finally shown to our seats.The dim lit, cosy interior and alluring ambiance made up for the “welcome” received at the beginning. We were lucky to be seated on the couch at upper floor with a great outside view. I was glad to see FCPK pamphlet placed on every table.
The menu had lots of scrumptious food and it was difficult to pick a dish. Finally we decided to order Chicken Mushroom Pasta and Tarragon Beef Steak with mashed potatoes. We were informed our food would be served in fifteen minutes and the food was served on time.
I must say that it was one of the best steaks I’ve ever had in my life. It was served with delicious mashed potatoes and creamy sauce. I would suggest though that apart from asking for the tenderness of the steak the chef at Roasters should also enquire about the crunchiness of the vegetables preferred, as I would have preferred the vegetables served with steak to be softer and well cooked rather than almost raw.
The pasta was mouthwatering with an extremely smooth white sauce with a nice consistency that the sauce was not soaked up by the pasta. One thing that was a little setback for this dish was its scarce amount of mushrooms. If you name a dish mushroom pasta let there be a good amount of mushrooms in it.
Over all it was a good experience the choice of music was refined and the feel of the restaurant was aesthetically pleasing. The food was amazing and the service proved to be efficient and cooperative.
A few bits of suggestion for people at Roasters is to enhance their time management skills if they want to maintain their current reputation of a high end eatery. In my opinion a good restaurant should be done with its prep atleast half hour before serving time. They should also pay some attention at the exterior of the restaurant as I found it in stark contrast with the interior. The outside of Roasters looks a bit drab and should make it a bit more interesting.??

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