Red Apple Review by J Sheikh

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From what I can remember, Red Apple's chicken kabab roll was the first paratha roll I ever had. This was in Khadda Market around ten years ago. Ever since then, my yearly trips to Karachi included almost daily visits to Defence all the way from KDA just for a Red Apple roll.
Things have changed since then. Hot & Spicy opened up almost next door and the popularity of the kabab roll skyrocketed in Lahore as well. Defence is now littered with joints that will serve you every variation of kabab rolls known to man. Chicken seekh kabab chutni roll? You got it. Mutton bihari garlic mayo roll? Done! Beef chicken pineapple fruit salad mithai roll? Maybe.
Late to the party was Red Apple which finally opened up a few months ago. It seems to have gained a decent following as it is the only kabab roll place that people seem to know by name besides Karachi Silverspoon in Liberty.
First Impressions
Red Apple has been made into a proper fast food place in Lahore and by that I mean they have seating and you’re not forced to eat in your car. The seating area is decent but I don’t really see many girls / families wanting to go and sit inside. It doesn’t have the best of crowds.
My advice: Stay in your car.
The Food
I had a chicken chutni roll and a chick milai boti cheese roll and to be honest I found it hard to distinguish between the two. Both tasted pretty good though. I tried the beef seekh kabab roll as well and that was pretty decent too. All in all, the food wasn’t something that was a world apart from other kabab roll joints. Perhaps I was expecting more from it out of sheer nostalgia.
I will say, however, that the food was not greasy at all, which makes a big difference with kabab rolls for me. Most other similar places I’ve eaten at have food with enough grease in them to power a small car. Additionally, they serve their chutnis in small holders as opposed to dumping them in big plates which makes for a much cleaner experience if you’re eating in your car. You really don't want your car smelling of chutni for the next five months.
Red Apple makes for a decent meal especially if you are looking to sit and eat somewhere and not just take away. If nothing else, you can always get it delivered if you live in Defence. Red Apple has upped their game by providing online delivery services. If you guys are looking for a cheap eat that's a little better than road-side food, Red Apple is the place to go to.

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