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Ramadan is almost here in the garrison town of Rawalpindi. Situated near the capital city of Pakistan, Rawalpindi is a place that’s all business when compared to the idyllic character of its nearest neighboring city.
In the month of Ramadan, Rawalpindi is thronged by food vendors selling all sorts of edible wares such as fruits, vegetables, a collection of choicest meats and many more delectable delights than you can imagine.
Ramadan in Rawalpindi
In Ramadan, people are looking to go and buy stuff at the most affordable rates, as the season of fasting is upon us and there are traditional dishes that need to be prepared. Rawalpindi gets the best Ramadan food staples from all over the country. It may be the mangoes from Punjab, dates from Sindh and many more food items from all over the country that’s of the finest culinary quality.
We see people going home from work as soon as early afternoon. This is because in Ramadan, Muslims have to fast from the period of dawn to dusk, a time that is punctuated by the Fajr (dawn) prayers and the Maghrib (evening) prayers.
People shop for food ingredients that can be used at home to prepare homemade Iftar delights. Or they can order readymade meals from their favorite thala-walas, bakeries, eateries that work in overdrive to cater to the ever-rising demands of their customers.
Ramadan is truly the time when people enjoy eating out too so it could be a very rare thing to see a restaurant or eatery that doesn't offer Iftar deals in Rawalpindi.
Features of Ramadan
Before dusk, people check the sehri timings (pre-dawn meal timings) and then partake in a little light meal to keep them going for the day that lies ahead.
Many folks also carry a mini-calendar of sorts in Ramadan and that makes it easier for them to track Iftar timings and prayer timings in addition to the sehri timings.
Offices and other commercial centres also make special arrangements for prayer timings in Rawalpindi. But thats not all. Some firms even through a complimentary Ramadan event for their employees.
During this month, many conscientious citizens and businesses come together and expand their philanthropic efforts. Their goal? To ensure that no poor person goes hungry during Iftar time. But keeping with the overall spirit of Islam and equality, the makeshift food stalls that are set at regular intervals across Rawalpindi are open to all, irrespective of race, caste or creed,
This is but a tiny sliver of what Ramadan means to the community. It is a time we feel the trials and tribulations that the common man goes through. It is a time when we reinforce the bonds of compassion for our fellow men. It is a time when we undergo purification of our souls.
So this Ramadan, let us remember the goodness in us. Let us share Allah’s bounties with the less fortunate ones. Let us strive to improve ourselves.
We’ve provided a handy calendar that lists all the Ramadan timings for you:

Day Ramadan Date Sehr Iftar
Saturday 1 28-06-2014 3:12 7:22
Sunday 2 29-06-2014 3:13 7:21
Monday 3 30-06-2014 3:14 7:20
Tuesday 4 1-7-2014 3:15 7:19
Wednesday 5 2-7-2014 3:16 7:18
Thursday 6 3-7-2014 3:17 7:17
Friday 7 4-7-2014 3:18 7:16
Saturday 8 5-7-2014 3:19 7:15
Sunday 9 6-7-2014 3:20 7:14
Monday 10 7-7-2014 3:21 7:13
Tuesday 11 8-7-2014 3:22 7:12
Wednesday 12 9-7-2014 3:23 7:11
Thursday 13 10-7-2014 3:24 7:10
Friday 14 11-7-2014 3:25 7:09
Saturday 15 12-7-2014 3:26 7:8
Sunday 16 13-7-2014 3:27 7:07
Monday 17 14-7-2014 3:28 7:06
Tuesday 18 15-7-2014 3:29 7:05
Wednesday 19 16-7-2014 3:30 7:04
Thursday 20 17-7-2014 3:31 7:03
Friday 21 18-7-2014 3:32 7:02
Saturday 22 19-7-2014 3:33 7:01
Sunday 23 20-7-2014 3:34 7:00
Monday 24 21-7-2014 3:35 6:59
Tuesday 25 22-7-2014 3:36 6:58
Wednesday 26 23-7-2014 3:37 6:57
Thursday 27 24-7-2014 3:38 6:56
Friday 28 25-7-2014 3:39 6:55
Saturday 29 26-7-2014 3:40 6:54
Sunday 30 27-7-2014 3:41 6:53

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