Rahat Bakery Review by J Sheikh

Posted by J Sheikh on

Go to Cantt.
Drive around until you find the service lane that goes into Rahat Bakery.
Park your car.
Walk into Rahat Bakery and go all the way down to the makeshift pizza station.
Order a slice.
Order another slice.
Repeat until you realize that you should have just bought an entire pizza.
I think it's safe to say that I'm crazy about Rahat Bakery's fresh pizza. It's the kind of pizza you want to have when you're incredibly hungry and only the most fattening of foods can satisfy you.
The pizza tastes like a desier version of Pizza Hut. I understand that this might not sound very appetizing considering how desi Pizza Hut already is, but Rahat Bakery's definitely done a good job.
I really like the fact that you can get slices and don't have to buy an entire pizza. I really hope this trend catches on here, because there's nothing like having a slice of pizza on the go.

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