Pizzo Launched In Karachi

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They say... There’s nothing worse than a bad pizza, and there’s nothing better than a good one. For pizza-lovers, Pizzo, (launched today), delivers arguably the Most Interesting pizza in town! And that’s no surprise, considering the owner Omar Jafar has done exceptionally well in establishing Chairman Mao and Mao’s Pizzeria. Pizzo has come up with a revolutionary idea of pizza cones that are extremely unique to look at and exceptionally delicious in taste. Pizza dough is shaped in a cone-forming machine and is filled to order with all the usual goodies — Pepperoni, Cheese and desired type of meat. After 5 minutes or so in the oven you get a portable, delicious and dip free Pizza in form of a cone.​
It was not long a go that the team at Food Connection Pakistan was discussing the very same Idea with group of evangelist from Hospitality sector. The meeting was concluded with the notion that such Idea's will take time before they can be implemented in Pakistan market. Surprisingly in a Week's time Pizzo has launched, which signifies the strength and dynamics of hospitality sector in Pakistan. The Pizza Cone's are available in flavors such as Margarita , Pepperoni , Black Pepper Salami , Chicken Tikka , Vegetarian and Cheese Calzone . Regular Pizzas are also available with different flavors and are quite tempting as well.
Another highlighted item of Pizzo would be their appetizers, Jalapeño Cheese Balls and Chicken Wings, definitely recommended to those who enjoy sharp flavors.
From 1st March onwards, Pizzo will be delivering Fresh and Piping Hot Pizza Cone's, Pizza's and sides to your door step. ​We wish the team at Pizzo all the very best for this revolutionary Idea !​

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