Pearl Continental Chandni Review by Sadaf Farooqui

Posted by Sadaf Farooqi on

Chandni is located atop Pearl Continental Hotel, Karachi. The hallway that leads to it has one wall made entirely of glass, so that the view can be enjoyed. In fact, the view is one of the main attractions of the restaurant.The central part of the restaurant has the chefs' "work area", where they barbeque some meats right there before your eyes. They also assist in serving you. All the platters were labeled.
From what I can remember, dinner was Rs. 1,040 per head (including tax, prices may vary) with children under 5 exempted. The dishes were: Mulligatawny and Chicken Soup, Chicken Biryani, Lahori Fried Fish, Chicken Karhai, Chapli Kabab, Marrow (vegetable bhujia), Daal Channa, Chicken Sajji (cooked live), Chicken Tikka Boti, Beef Seekh Kabab, Aaloo Gosht, Mutton Haleem, Beef Paya, Mutton Kunna, Plain Boiled Rice, Russian Salad, Raita and Sauces.
A soft drink costs Rs 125 (prices may vary).Well, I guess if you enjoy the view and leather seats, you pay for it. Also, there is live tabla music, which we could have done without as a personal preference.The ambience and decor is top notch.There was an impressive spice display near the entrance. It had small sacks of all kinds of local spice powders e.g. red chilies powder, coriander powder and turmeric, in addition to the whole spices too, such as cinnamon and cloves. Very ethnic and cultural.

Lots of cheesecakes, cakes and puddings for dessert. I personally think the cheesecake was one of the best I've ever had. Local desserts were aplenty, in addition to an Arab dessert called "Omali" and fresh fruit. There was also ice cream (two flavors) which tasted very good.
Overall verdict: The food is a little above average in quality, except for the desserts, which were exceptionally good. The ambience is excellent. However, if your kids are rowdy and ill-mannered (which thankfully mine are not), and they waste a lot of food at all-you-can-eat buffets, they might not be so welcome there.

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