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With an intense love for food, passionate for trying new recipes and exploring new flavors , Sohaila , Mohammad and Wali opened up a small restaurant. They get into the kitchen and start cooking and experimenting themself. While doing so they discover amazing new ways of making the same ol’ dishes by adding their own personal twist to them. Yes, that is the story behind Pane & Amore.
Best known for its cup cakes,Pane & Amore is a small and casual restaurant where you can enjoy good quality food in a comfortable relaxed environment. Not many people know but cup cakes are just one of the items on the menu. Pane & Amore also offers a wide range of delicious and mouth watering appetizers, soups, salads, burgers, pizzas, steaks and so on.

What gives this restaurant an edge over the others is that they grow and make their own ingredients? Outside and even inside the restaurant one can see different herbs and plants such as thyme, basil, rocket, lemon and cherry tomatoes that they freshly pick to use in the food they cook. Apart from herbs they also make their own signature sauces, mayonnaise, relish and even cheese.
Few must try from the menu are:
Onion rings – Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, these onion rings are alone enough to bring you back to this place. One can actually taste the soft sweet onion as it melts in the mouth.
Turkey wrap –With lettuce, cherry tomatoes, chunky turkey pieces and signature relish wrapped around a warm pita bread, this turkey wrap has a very distinctive flavour that leaves your taste buds tickling and wanting for more.
Club sandwich – The signature mayo mixed with signature relish gives it that special zing. It is fresh, light and served with lots of fries.
Margarita pizza with a topping of chicken and olives – Super fresh crispy crust topped with tons of homemade pizza sauce, a combination of cheeses, black olives and nicely spiced chicken. This was a delicious pizza and oh did I say that the crust was super fresh!
Chocolate & ginger ice cream – Finish it all off with their homemade ice cream. As soon as you dig in, you can actually feel the smooth and velvety texture of this really creamy ice cream. Chocolate with ginger might sound like an unusual combination but this is actually very tasty and has a perfect blend of the goodness of chocolate and ginger.
Summer drinks – Sherry Temple, made with orange juice, lemon syrup and grenadine syrup. Strawberry Sin, made with kiwi syrup, strawberry syrup and pineapple juice. Lemonta, a perfect blend of lemon mint and 7up.
One thing that truly stands out at Pane & Amore is the passion, love and affection that is poured into making each and every dish by the team. Special attention is paid to using fine quality ingredients and serving only great tasting food. All of this is evident from the choice of the menu, the taste, the staff and even the décor.

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