Pakistani Food Review by Natasha Khalid

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As Pakistanis, we have inherited a cuisine which is an amalgam of the diverse races that are its inhabitants. Each one of these has managed to leave a discernible mark on its food. Although the origin of our food is derived from Afghan-Turkic-Irani roots, The element that makes us stand tall and unique is the methodology of cooking the same meat, chicken and vegetables in a different yet more skillful way.
The smell of fried onions, fresh garlic cloves, mustard seeds with cumin and coriander leaves, describes the aroma of our kitchens. Considering the flavor loving nation we are, let it be politics, Lollywood or food, we believe in spicing things up! Not only that but Much as we love spiced up gossips our food defines us too and in that case Biryani says it all! This is rice layered with chicken expertly and comes out giving a savor in each rice seed. A flavor to die for, if one loves spicy food.
Since Rice is also an essential component of our diet; hence one can make Pulao, Biryani or just have it plain. The famous places for Biryani mostly include “Students Biryani” and “Biryani of the Seas”. Not only that, “Hyderabad Mirchain” is an impeccable blend of green chilies in a curry that one can top up over any kind of rice, to add a spicy kick!
Then comes “Nihari”, “Karhai ghost”, ”Sajji” and the ever famous “Paaye” all falling in the similar savor. Even writing of these foods, brings water to mouth! One finds all these dishes together in the Buffet at Lal Qila, where the taste just gets better.
Being a Punjabi, my recommendation to all will be to at least try,”Sarsoon ka Saag” and” Makai ki roti “with fresh butter and Palak Paneer,it is something for which not everyone has a taste but for the ones who do, they rejoice every bite!
Being a Pakistani, meat is something we all enjoy eating, In that case, comes the BBQ Tonight that serves the best Bihari Boti, Seekh kabab, Chicken Tikka and Fry kebabs. In the midst of these mouth watering foods, Malai Boti is the one which is not too spicy but has a nice creamy savor. The place that serves it best is “Ghaffar Kebab House”.
When it comes to drinks, Lassi, a blend of yogurt, milk and sugar or without sugar and salt instead for the ones who want it that way and Shikanjbeen,a lemonade to die for. These two drinks are something thing that curbs thirst instantly and leaves you with a chilled feeling inside. A perfect drink for summers! Although there are many places that work solely for drinks, but my personal favourites include: Olivetto for Shikanjbeen and Café Koel for Lassi.
When one talks about our food, then Fresh Bread, in the from of naan, roti, chapatti, Rhogni Roti, is a must with our gravy. One good thing about our cooking is the lack of rigidity in recipe, one can play it up however they want to and make something spectacular and equally scrumptious out of the same ingredients. For the Desi menu, my favorite recommendations include”Nihari Inn” nobody does Nihari like them! Then comes TheFood Center at Sadder,Al Haaj Bundoo khan for Barbeque food and Haleem fromHaleem Center.

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