Noorani Kabab House Review by Sadaf Farooqui

Posted by Sadaf Farooqi on

Located on the crossing between main Shahrah-e-Quaideen and Khalid Bin Waleed Road in Block 2, PECHS, is a famous BBQ restaurant called Noorani Kabab House.
As soon as you arrive, the rhythmic sound of kata-kat greets the ears and Noorani Kabab House is famous for its kata-kat. Coming tothe menu which includes many appetizing dishes for meat eaters. The difference in prices here, from the eateries in the Defence/Clifton area of Karachi, is absolutely astounding!
We know that if you order 4 mutton chops at BBQ Tonight, they cost well over Rs 400! But here they cost just Rs 180.

Notice how they also serve you butter separately if you choose to order some. Yes, this place is definitely not recommended for those who are on a restricted diet, or those who have heart disease. Brain Masala, for example, costs just Rs 240, So we decided to eat on the roof, under the open sky, as the weather was very pleasant, but diners can eat alfresco in the area downstairs as well. We ordered Beef Bihari Kabab for Rs 170. The quantity was more than enough for two adults. Besides that Chicken Kabab (4 per plate), for Rs 150.Can you believe the economical prices?
Both kinds of kababs tasted out of this world! The chicken kababs were really very tender and mildly spiced along with Puri paratha's, for Rs 25 each. Just the right combination of crispiness and softness. And lastly my family cannot leave a restaurant after dinner if they spot kheer on the menu, without having it for dessert. So we ordered a small bowl of Zafrani Kheer, priced at only Rs 50.
It was very creamy and not too sweet; hence, even I had a spoonful or two, despite not being a big fan of kheer. Noorani Kabab House is definitely on my must-visit-again list of eateries. Wonder what took us so long to visit this place, considering the fact that raving reviews of both Al-Kabab and Al-Ghaffar Kabab House nearby made us visit them promptly, but even though we passed by Noorani Kabab House many times, we didn't consider eating here.
Verdict: It offers really good value for money, unlike the overpriced meaty fare we usually eat otherwise. The meat is tender and tastes just great.
Please note: prices may have fluctuated, kindly re-check on them.

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