Nandos Walks the Ramp | 2013

Posted by FCPK Editor on

When lawn trends and fashions take over your senses, rest assured its summer time! At points as such, Nando’s​ told all their chickens to dress their part! 'Cuz honey if people are looking, give them something to look at! A billboard was seen in Karachi among all the lawn couture and various other displays; by Nando’s which showed a cockerel flaunting the spices it marinates in!​
Well Nando’s just did it Again! They have a knack really for using current issues or latest fashions and trends and making a statement which pretty much becomes their own! Nando’s could not leave out Politics in Pakistan; here comes election fever but what is in the past is pretty much etched in the chapters of time, space, media recordings, newspapers, magazines, photographs etc. Once upon a time the President of Pakistan met Sarah Palin, and holding on to all things encompassing diplomacy; the conversation which happened shall always be remembered frame by frame and decibel by decibel.
Then let’s talk about scandals..shall we! I’ll just let the advertisement of Nando’s do the talking when we had the Miss V kerfuffle; which became a global debacle of sorts.
They are so on the ball; for instance take the advertisement on Cricket Gossip. Well this was hinted at the matrimonial bliss our dear cricketer Shoaib Malik found with Sania Mirza *bless their hearts*; but made some local maidens’ self-esteems hit lower notes sadly. But on a happier note Nando’s has kept in check, with all trends and doesn’t leave an opportunity to highlight their fabulous chickens, their overall food, service and go an extra –mile to make their customers smile, giggle or laugh! Speaking of extra mile *looks left and right*
Get your taste palettes ready for a Peri Peri Big Surprise!!​

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