Nandos Presents the Peri Peri New Menu | 2013

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Nando’s​​ is a restaurant that has earned the reputation of serving delicious and exceptional food for many years and has managed to keep its chin up while there were other fellow competitors out there who were still in the process of crossing the river & surviving the fast growing market of restaurants opening up in the city every now and then.
But lately Nando’s has leaped forward to something which was keeping the nando lovers on their toes the whole time. Behind closed doors, Nando’s was cooking up a whole new menu with a different yet a vibrant look for its customers and now, the menu has had a facelift and showcases vivacious artwork coupled with greater depth and variety to its menu items.
With the new menu items come greater satisfaction as claimed by Nando’s itself which absolutely makes sense once the menu is in sight. The dual designs of the menu covers display original works from South African artists. As nando’s is all about displaying beautiful art and provide savory food to all, this speaks closely about Nando’s brand identity which is famous all around. The new menu cover is just a ray PERific add-on to what Nando’s is offering in terms of the menu items.
Amongst the very new inductees in the menu is firstly The PERI PERI chicken section, besides its signature flamed grilled chicken now also offers the Butterfly Chicken Breast & Chicken Wings. Clearly a must try for all as the consistency of the quality of chicken remains in its best form every time you order.
As Nando’s believes in sharing good times with friends and family, that is why they have also added the “Platters to Share” section that inherits an array of value added Wing, Full, Meal & Jumbo platters to select from.
In regards to Burgers, Pitas and the all new wrap. Nando’s has not only added variety but made these options more subtle with new recipes. These include the classic Chicken Breast Fillet, and now the standard Gourmet Aubergine, Grilled Onion, Hummus & Chicken offering and the all new and healthy Veggie variety.
The salad section has also been hit by a new recipe of the Mediterranean salad and the introduction of the Caesar salad. Coming to Nando’s special we find the Cataplana has a new recipe which has

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