Nadia Coffee Shop, Marirott Review by Sadaf Farooqui

Posted by Sadaf Farooqi on

The Nadia Coffee Shop at Marriott needs no introduction. It has been around since as far back as I can recall. And as soon as you enter, you will notice thatthe ambience of the shop is inviting and cozy. The leather seats were very comfortable, and the tables were laid out to perfection and the weather that morning was cloudy and pleasant.On Eid this year, after the early morning Eid prayers, our hunger pangs made us decide to stop and have brunch at Nadia. It was a first time for us, so we decided to make the Eid morning a bit special and feed ourselves heartily after a month of fasting and worship. Fresh fruit was on offer in a large variety, in addition to jams, jellies, and yogurt, besides thatChutneys and sauces were also available.
While heading towards the bread counter, we saw croissants, doughnuts, bagels, crumpets, scones, French loaf, you name it! All sweet and savory kinds of breads were there. Other than that the desi breakfast was also available: qeema mutter (mince with peas), aaloo ki bhujia, puri's and paratha's. And best of all Cheeses and juices. Sweet and salty lassi was also there! Note: foreign cheeses should be checked to see if they are halal. So at last we orderedCheese, olive, and mushroom omelet, the best I have ever had, no exaggeration, a seasoned chef made these before our eyes, and it was really expertly prepared: well browned on all sides and on cutting off a piece, the melted cheddar cheese inside oozing out, alsoWaffle with maple syrup and butter along with Pancakes (made before your eyes) with maple syrup and butter. And last but not the least Seasonal and canned fresh fruit. My two children aged 5 and 3 were greeted and served cordially by the friendly staff, which is a prime concern for me where ever I go. And they were not charged, by the way.

Verdict: All I can say is, "Why didn't I ever have breakfast at Nadia before? Perhaps one reason I enjoyed it so much was because it was Eid morning and I hadn't had breakfast in days.
Please Note: Re check to confirm to prices for it may have changed.

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