Mohammadi Nihari House Review by Aqeel Ahmed

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Take a plunge into the greasiest of Lahori dishes, the famous beef nihari from Mohammadi Nihari. Did I hear 'Cholesterol'? ... Are you kidding? If Lahoris start worrying about cardiac problems, we will be left with nothing to eat and will have to migrate to the nearest Chinese city.
Beef nihari
Nihari is a thick spicy curry with very tender meat pieces of beef. A thin floating layer of cooking oil on the surface is considered a delicacy. You eat it with freshly prepared oven baked loaf bread, called 'khameeri roti'. Finely chopped ginger, lemon and fresh coriander leaves are also served for the dressing on the table side. The combination results in a scrumptious meal that you will find very hard to forget.
Beef nihari with Nali
That's not it. You have some more options to further enhance the experience. e.g. you can order some bone marrow (cooked of course) to be added in your serving. This is called Nali. If that doesn't fulfill your appetite for fat, you have the option of adding fried goat brain. Yes .. that is exactly what I said .. goat brain .. fried. It is called 'Maghaz'.
They offer both takeaway and dine-in. Mohammadi Nihari has many branches in the city e.g. Mozang Chowk and Cantt.
The word Nihari originates from 'Nihar' which means morning. So it is meant to be a breakfast meal. However, it is not restricted to only breakfasts anymore.​

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