Mirchi at Badar Commercial Review by Sadaf Farooqui

Posted by Sadaf Farooqi on

13th Street off Badar Commercial Area in Defence, Phase 5, Karachi, seems to be turning into a food street!
Besides boasting of Daily Dubai Restaurant, Sirf Meeruth Kabab House, Student Biryani and now the vintage Bundoo Khan's, there are other smaller food outlets dotting this entire double road that runs between Saba Avenue and 26th Street, with the KFC of main 26th Streetas a prominent landmark on one of its ends. One such outlet is Mirchi. One day I was in the mood for spicy chaat, like the typical Pakistani woman. So I decided to try out Mirchi that is a small outlet on the same street. The menu is similar to the famous Chatkharay in Khadda market. It has some South Indian items like Idli Sambhar and Dosa on offer as well. The prices are very economical.

At times such as these, when I can eat from a variety of scrumptious desi goodies that are available readily - and now all the more so in air-conditioned outlets at the most throw-away of rates - that I really appreciate residing in my cosmopolitan hometown of Karachi.
Really, you do not get such culinary delights at every corner in other countries, especially in the West. Ask those Pakistani's who have emigrated abroad, and they'll tell you how much they miss the local chaat, bun kabab and gola gunda.
The decor is comfortable and is imbued with the color of chillies. And so the name Mirchi, I guess.And I really liked the overall ambience, especially the use of indoor plants. After a nice spree of mirchi, I ordered a mouth watering and wonderful mix chat for Rs.90. Other than that I also orderedAloo Bun Kabab for Rs. 95. The story doesn’t end there; we also ordered Pani puri for Rs 55 and a Chicken Shami Bun Kabab for Rs 125.

And for the children, French Fries, priced at Rs 75. Everything else looked like it would be too spicy for them.I must admit that the fries were prepared fresh and were piping hot; unlike other eateries that just re-fry stale fries before serving them, and also specialSpecial Dahi Vada for Rs 95. The dahi baray were made of maash daal and were really tasty!
Verdict: Everything tasted great! The staff was polite and cordial. The chaat was really yummy and its ingredients very fresh, especially the papri. If you are a female in Karachi who loves chaat and other similar savory delights, but want to eat them whilst sitting comfortably indoors, you must try Mirchi!
Please note: The rates may have changed, re-check on them before going.​

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