Maya - Tex Mex Grill Review by J Sheikh

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Maya - Tex Mex Grill Review by J Sheikh

I work very close to Maya and I have been seeing it for a little while now. While the sign for the restaurant had been up for a while, they only opened doors a couple of weeks ago. I’m quite pleased about the recent addition of Salsa and Maya to the list of restaurants. It’s about time Lahore got some decent Mexican places because I really feel that our desi palette is suited for this kind of food. That being said, I do believe that Mexican food is best served in a fast food setting but Maya is definitely a good start.
First Impressions
When you walk into the place you’re greeted with lots of smiling waiters, which is always appreciated. You can tell that the owners have really worked on the interior, which is nicely done up. I also found the music to be quite nice and well suited to the ambiance (Although this isn’t something I ever pay attention to, it seemed to stand out at Maya). If you do venture out to the place, I suggest choosing the corner table which would be on your right as you walk in. It looks like a cozy spot, much like the restaurant itself.
They first served us some kind of zeera(cumin) biscuits with a dipping sauce which would be the equivalent of bread and butter elsewhere. This pre-appetizer was interesting, to say the least. It tasted alright but I want to give them points for a bit of creativity on their part.
We tried out their nachos which was decent. The corn chips that they use were really very good but I felt that they could have used a bit more cheese and definitely some more salsa. Guacamole would have been a welcome extra.
For our entrees, we just stuck to their Taco Stand menu. However, they have a wide variety of steakhouse-style entrees that include premium steaks. Additionally, their seafood menu looked really good. They have something on the menu called “Red Snapper with Mango Sauce” which sounds like it would be pretty nice.
We tried out the Macho Burrito and the Coyote Quesadillas. Catchy names, I know. The burrito is spicy and has both chicken and beef along with beans, rice and salsa. I thought the burrito was not too bad but it could be improved if they put in less meat and more rice. The quesadillas were standard chicken and cheese quesadillas and tasted just fine.
The entrees come with Baja Coleslaw and a side of your choice. We chose the creamed spinach and refried beans, both of which tasted a little desi but enjoyable nonetheless.
Our dessert was the cheesecake, which looked like it was upside down. Even though I am a big fan of cheesecakes, this one was not well made at all. I strongly suggest you stay clear of it.
All in all, the restaurant has a nice welcoming feel to it. The quality of the food is only decent but I like that Maya adds to the variety and options that we have available to us. I do think they can improve on their food by bringing in different types of salsa to augment their entrees. I would love for them to be able to offer guacamole, even if it is for a premium price.
I would definitely recommend going to Maya if you’re in the mood to try something different. It will definitely make for an interesting night out.
Food : 6.5 / 10
Service : 9 / 10
Pricing : Rs. 500-700

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