Lunch – An Essential Meal at Work

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While breakfast is given the reputation of being the most important meal of the day, eating lunch is just as essential to staying healthy. Going too long without food denies your body glucose, the sugar that supplies your brain with energy. Skipping lunch also slows down your metabolism, leads to overeating and makes it difficult to meet your nutrient needs for the day.
Skipping meals looks like an attractive way to lose weight. Unfortunately, the side effects of skipping meals are much more serious than any potential benefits. Some consequences of skipping meals can include promoting the development of diabetes, inadequate nutrition, and drastically altering the way that your body digests food.
If weight loss is your goal, prepare healthy, satiating meals that provide your body with plenty of nutrients and little sugar and saturated fat, instead of skipping meals. Opt for a sandwich made with lean protein, like turkey, chicken or tuna, on whole wheat bread. Or order lettuce wraps, tomato, onion and mustard or light or fat-free creamy dressing or order a salad with plenty of vegetables, a handful of nuts and a hard-boiled egg. You can easily order this entire menu at the most exciting place that boasts of healthy, fit and calorie-counted food, EatOye your salad with a flavorful, light creamy dressing.
Having someone cook you exactly what you want and then bring it too exactly where you are sitting is an experience that cannot be described in words – Blissful. Euphoric. Exhilarating! Okay, maybe there are a few words that work. The point is it's freaking awesome. You can order all your favourite meals online using super techsavvy food portals like EatOye, Foortal, KhaoPiyo and many others out there.
Why do we need such food portals when we can order or get food elsewise? But the reality is, most of your time is not spent dining at fine restaurants. It's spent working your butt off, running errands, and managing life. That's where such portals EatOye etcetera comes in, we catapult you to food nirvana whenever you need it – and in just a few clicks.
Ordering food by phone presents so many hassles, it can ruin your appetite, especially if an annoying operator answers your call at the other end, post a long hold. These gems, named above, and more are why online food delivery is the best thing since the advent of sliced bread.
Lunch is important and should never be skipped, especially when there are such technology supported means to facilitate your everyday needs of food. They not only are efficient means but they work hard to make it the best possible experience for you. Hungry? Order now! Enjoy the meal :)

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