LAYS Launches Fun Re-Sealable Packs

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Lays Pakistan - the champion of fun, innovative snacks in Pakistan, has done it again. In recent years, Pakistani consumers have had an increasing range of options to choose from when it comes to delicious potato chips, especially thanks to LAYS. The brand introduced a variety of popular flavors, and then came out with its thick textured 'Wavy' range in innovative flavors.
Despite the variety of potato chips available in Pakistan though, there had been no innovations in packaging - until now. Lays is introducing an all new concept of resealable packaging in Pakistan, which means that an opened pack of chips can now be closed and sealed for later consumption, and stay fresh.
The resealable packs are in large sizes only, and come with a strip of re-sealable tape at the back. To use, a consumer simply has to partially peel off the seal from the back , roll down the pack and close with the seal to preserve the freshness of the chips.
Given that this is a new concept being introduced, Lays is rolling out a campaign to educate consumers on its use. The packs themselves carry a set of instructions with pictures at the back, while the re-sealable strip is printed with picture instructions as well.
So go ahead, try the LAYS resealable packs out now and Seal the Freshness!

LAYS Chaat Street a Pakistani Hit

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Pakistani audiences love their global brands, and also their local customs. In a Pakistani's mind, few flavors beat Pakistani flavors. So what's a brand to do?
What LAYS Pakistan has done. The global brand has developed its Chaat Street range catering to Pakistani tastes.
By popular demand, the Chaat Street range has relaunched with its two unique and tantalizing flavors, Mint Chutney and Dahi Baray.
The Chaat Street range has captured the essence of some of Pakistan's most popular street food culture and some favorite savory snacks in Pakistan.
Lays Dahi Baray are fresh potato chips mixed with special Dahi-baray flavored spices - the tangy taste of spicy yogurt in crisp potato chips is so much fun, it’s like standing by a food stall on a busy night and delighting in a plate full of tasty Dahi Baray with your favorite group of friends.
Lays Mint Chutney has captured the fun vibes of Pakistan's most traditional and popular savory green chutney that goes just about with everything. Local fans have been loving the zip and zing of these flavors and were delighted when Lays Pakistan announced the relaunch on its Facebook page to over 700,000 fans.
'ChaatStreet) is the best one yet!' tweeted one fan.
With the two Chaat Street flavors presenting a contemporary twist on Pakistani tradition in the universal style of Lays adapting to cultures around the globe, it seems like many other fans in Pakistan are going to agree.
The Chaat Street campaign is a limited edition campaign, so all foodies in the know with Eat Oye, you've been informed!

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