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The Holy month of Ramadan is just around the corner. It is a time when most of the worldwide Muslim community remembers the historic story of the prophet Ibrahim and his son Ismail, a story that highlights the spirit of sacrifice and Allah the Almighty’s merciful ways. It is a month that inspires us to be better human beings and to remember the less fortunate amongst us not just with our prayers, but with our kindness and compassion. Ramadan is about fasting from dawn till dusk, empathizing with the plight of the poor so that we may strive to make ourselves better and become better human beings.
After all, that’s what Islam is about isn’t it?
During the month of Ramadan, people plan their day accordingly, some of them making a conscious effort to share Allah’s bounties with those who are not that fortunate. In Lahore, we have prominent cultural activists, NGOs, government and a vibrant civil society that makes all out efforts to ensure that not a soul goes hungry and thirsty.
Features of Ramadan
During this auspicious month, Muslims start their fasting period from a little time before the Fajr prayers at dawn. Normally people do a light breakfast and have water, a practice that ensures that they don’t feel drowsy for the remainder of the day. People got to work and to account for their fasting, companies operate in a reduced time period.
That’s because the unique sensibilities of Ramadan calls for an entirely unique day to day routine. People rush home, shopping for food items that they can prepare scrumptious delights with. There’s sherbet in its ice cold majesty, all set up to quench the most severe thirst. There are the fried-and-tested samosas, raring to be devoured in all its crispy glory. And then there are the dates, the sweetest way to break the fast during iftari time that falls on Magrib prayers.
Many people keep track of the sehri and iftari timings. Sehri timings are those when people can eat in preparation for the day’s fast. They are usually reserved for the dawn period. As for iftar timings, they are when people can break their fast.
The timings for sehri and iftar vary from region to region, thanks to the varying geographical and lunar characteristics. Iftar time in Lahore is very different from other cities. So that’s why people keep a handy and portable card on their persons to keep track of things,
Apart from these timings, the cards also possess one more important information. They also contain prayer timings in Ramadan. This way people can plan their day and say their prayers in time.
Concluding thoughts
Ramadan represents the best of people. You’d be remiss if you didn’t find people sharing iftar dinner in Lahore’s various localities. These perfectly laid out meals are offered free of charge to people who don’t make it to their homes in time and they are also open to everyone irrespective of their social status and religious inclination.
Islam says that everyone is equal before the eyes of God and Ramadan is every bit an embodiment of that fact.
To help you out we have provided this Ramadan Calendar for Lahore:
Day Ramadan Date Sehr Iftar
Saturday 1 28-06-2014 3:17 7:12
Sunday 2 29-06-2014 3:18 7:11
Monday 3 30-06-2014 3:19 7:10
Tuesday 4 1-7-2014 3:20 7:09
Wednesday 5 2-7-2014 3:21 7:8
Thursday 6 3-7-2014 3:22 7:07
Friday 7 4-7-2014 3:23 7:06
Saturday 8 5-7-2014 3:24 7:05
Sunday 9 6-7-2014 3:25 7:04
Monday 10 7-7-2014 3:26 7:03
Tuesday 11 8-7-2014 3:27 7:02
Wednesday 12 9-7-2014 3:28 7:01
Thursday 13 10-7-2014 3:29 7:00
Friday 14 11-7-2014 3:30 6:59
Saturday 15 12-7-2014 3:31 6:58
Sunday 16 13-7-2014 3:32 6:57
Monday 17 14-7-2014 3:33 6:56
Tuesday 18 15-7-2014 3:34 6:55
Wednesday 19 16-7-2014 3:35 6:54
Thursday 20 17-7-2014 3:36 6:53
Friday 21 18-7-2014 3:37 6:52
Saturday 22 19-7-2014 3:38 6:51
Sunday 23 20-7-2014 3:39 6:50
Monday 24 21-7-2014 3:40 6:49
Tuesday 25 22-7-2014 3:41 6:48
Wednesday 26 23-7-2014 3:42 6:47
Thursday 27 24-7-2014 3:43 6:46
Friday 28 25-7-2014 3:44 6:45
Saturday 29 26-7-2014 3:45 6:44
Sunday 30 27-7-2014 3:46 6:43

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