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Ramadan is coming. And with the advent of this holy month, Muslims all around the world observe a fast for a specific time, no matter which class or creed they belong to. It’s a time that reinforces the bonds of unity, of compassion and of the innate human capacity to do good by the others.
We see so many people helping out others in less fortunate circumstances. We see an uptick in philanthropic efforts by people all over the city of Karachi, a way to still remember why Karachi was once known as the indomitable City of Lights. We see people doing random acts of kindness, providing food to the needy as soon as the Maghrib prayers happen. The silent philanthropic patrons make no distinction between anyone, allowing people from all over Karachi to break their fast at a specified time (also called iftar time) with scrumptious food and sherbet, a sub-continental tropical drink that quenches the thirst like nothing else.
Fasting - Not Just a Mere Ritual
The Muslim ritual of fasting is more than a ritual. It’s a way to connect with Allah, remembering how infinite His bounties are, and how we as a collective human species take a lot for granted. It’s a way to remind us that there are people who need our help as much as possible. It’s a way to cleanse our souls and spirit with qualities such as empathy, compassion, caring and responsibility taking center stage above all else.
Before Muslims start the process of fasting, they have a meal a little before the dawn prayers (also called Fajr prayers). This meal is called sehri or the pre-fasting meal. Most people keep their alarms synchronized to sehri and iftar timings both. Its important to know the sehri timings in Karachi before the fast begins and that’s one more reason why people feel the need to keep an alarm nearby.
Ramadan Prayer / Iftar / Sehri Times (Karachi)
As Ramadan approaches, Muslims as a collective whole, plan their day according to the prayer schedule. Most of them carry micro & portable cards stating prayer times as well as sehri and iftar timings. They are adjusted for the city (i.e. Karachi) you reside in.
For the more technologically-inclined ones (you know who you are! ), a bookmarked or saved web page about azan timings can also prove handy. That is why, to help you out, we have provided you a handy calendar right here. We have detailed everything from iftar time, sehri time and prayer times in one comprehensive chart.

Day Ramadan Date Sehr Iftar
Saturday 1 28-06-2014 4:12 7:26
Sunday 2 29-06-2014 4:13 7:25
Monday 3 30-06-2014 4:14 7:24
Tuesday 4 1-7-2014 4:15 7:23
Wednesday 5 2-7-2014 4:16 7:22
Thursday 6 3-7-2014 4:17 7:21
Friday 7 4-7-2014 4:18 7:20
Saturday 8 5-7-2014 4:19 7:19
Sunday 9 6-7-2014 4:20 7:18
Monday 10 7-7-2014 4:21 7:17
Tuesday 11 8-7-2014 4:22 7:16
Wednesday 12 9-7-2014 4:23 7:15
Thursday 13 10-7-2014 4:24 7:14
Friday 14 11-7-2014 4:25 7:13
Saturday 15 12-7-2014 4:26 7:12
Sunday 16 13-7-2014 4:27 7:11
Monday 17 14-7-2014 4:28 7:10
Tuesday 18 15-7-2014 4:29 7:09
Wednesday 19 16-7-2014 4:30 7:8
Thursday 20 17-7-2014 4:31 7:07
Friday 21 18-7-2014 4:32 7:06
Saturday 22 19-7-2014 4:33 7:05
Sunday 23 20-7-2014 4:34 7:04
Monday 24 21-7-2014 4:35 7:03
Tuesday 25 22-7-2014 4:36 7:02
Wednesday 26 23-7-2014 4:37 7:01
Thursday 27 24-7-2014 4:38 7:00
Friday 28 25-7-2014 4:39 6:59
Saturday 29 26-7-2014 4:40 6:58
Sunday 30 27-7-2014 4:41 6:57

Feel free to share with your colleagues, friends and family on social media, smartphones and even on your local blog.
Ramadan Mubarak everybody and may Allah Taala bless us all with His infinite kindness and make us better human beings. May He watch over us and our fellow brothers and sisters. And may we do our bit in making the world a more peaceful place. Let this be the auspicious month that changes us for the better!
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