Its All About Food Baby!!!

Posted by Mariam Ali on

​To me design is ultimate, design matters everywhere, design of what i wear, design of the red flower on my car, heck design ofmy dinner plate too [food has to be perfect, even if its vegetables and brown rice. [I was on a diet so my food had to LOOK pleasing atleast]!!
So when Food Connection finally put up the website, their scrumptious design which had initially only teased my taste buds really made my mouth water and a website done up so well, I was sure they knew their food well and sure as I predicted, they do know their food well and they know exactly how to pull you in.
Restaurant hoping, choosing where to go, knowing things about a particular restaurant, these can all be crazy sometimes and you just give up or go to the same place you have been going to since forever. Yes there are other sites telling you about food and restaurants amongst other things, but food connection is food focused and whoever is behind their marketing is a G.E.N.U.I.S
The food vouchers, yummy deals, they have it all, and its is literally a one click link to any food place in your city. I love the little symbols they have with every place depicting smoking/non smoking, menu, weather they except credit cards. So if you want a quick user-friendly roundup of where you want to splurge over the weekend with friends or whoever…
And on a different note, I will give my two more cents on another thing.. a recipe section!! Perhaps all these super amazing restaurants whose food we completely lust over, we can have them share a recipe with all food lovers so on BROKE days, we can just stay back, flick through FC and tadaaa, find a recipe from the restaurant we love!!

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