Iftar Deals | Karachi | Pakistan 2013

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​Ramadan is that time of the month when all restaurants have to remodel there strategies to make up for the lost revenue during day time. Iftar & Sehri deals are launched in all shapes and sizes, to suit different wallet types.
Even though some of those same restaurants have sehri deals which are quite popular but Iftar deals are the ones which are most lucrative. Iftar deals come in all shapes and sizes for instance at Lahore Red Lotus, Iftari was served at Rs 999 + tax. Similarly in Karachi Iftar deal was offered at Carlton which was an iftar cum buffet dinner for Rs. 1100 + tax but offered many other amenities gift hampers, lucky draw and free boat ride.
In Avari's there was a buffet Iftar/Dinner at two places: at Dynasty for Rs. 1350 + tax. It is a wonderful treat for Iftar with family and friends and with the exquisite treatment at Avari's. At Regent Plaza a “Ramazan Fiesta Iftar Buffet Dinner” was being served for Rs. 1099 + tax.
BBQ Tonight was not left behind in the offering of amazing Iftar deals. They made sure that BBQ-enthusiasts don’t ever miss out! Their magic number in rupees was 1150 per head inclusive of all taxes for Iftar cum Buffet Dinner.
Dunkin Donuts had their own wonderful little meal ready for all in 2012. A sandwich, donut, mini pizza, drink for only Rs. 350 and on top of that one gets a free Iced Coffee. They even introduced an Iftar box; one for Rs. 180 and the other was for Rs. 450. The box for Rs. 180 had a Boston burger, a donut, and a drink and the one for Rs. 450 had two sandwiches, two drinks and two donuts. Now who’d want to miss a taste of that!
In 2012, Hardees and KFC and all the brands local or foreign pull out all stops to serve the best deals in all major cities of Pakistan. Hardees was serving 3 burgers, 3 drinks, 2 Fries, one Minute Maid Pulpy Orange (2.5 litre); all for Rs. 999. KFC had its own deals ranging from Rs. 250 – Rs. 1000. The month of Ramadan is not about feasting but there is still a good lot of options to choose from to open your fast if you’re in Pakistan.

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