Gun Smoke Experience by Besal Ali

Posted by FCPK Editor on

Waiters wearing sheriff and deputy badges; talking bit rudely to you; throwing or slamming your plates and glasses on your table; peanuts shell all over the floors; hee-haw music in the background; and TV screen showing rodeos. Well it looks as if we are in a restaurant inDodge City or a western movie (City Slicker to be exact).
When I first went their, I did not realize what was going on, but after a few minutes the ambiance set in - Gun Smoke​ is depicting a Cowboy/Western setting.
A friend of mine told me that when the restaurant was initially launched, the sheriffs and deputies were quite rude, and some of our locals couldn’t understand, expecting courteous service, which resulted in a gun fight/duel. After losing some sheriff and deputies the restaurant has toned down a bit of this behavior, but still you will find one or two playing the part, if you are in for it.
Originated in Lahore and imported to Karachi, the restaurant is situated in Karachi’s ‘in’ district, ZamZama (very close to OKRA).
No horses allowed! And you will not find any parked outside, only the latest/flashy 'carriages'.
Favorite Dish: Burgers and fries...I keep it simple.
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