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Gulshan-e-Iqbal is mostly a residential area and commercial spots have been accommodated where a need was felt or the area was available. This gives Gulshan Iqbal a very vibrant, bustling market type effect. The area is also dotted with many malls like Millenium Mall, Saima Mall, Mobile Mall, and one is still under construction. There are many eateries inside these malls especially the first two but many more interesting places to visit to calm your rumbling tummy if you’re out and about.
Let’s first start with the strip of BBQ eateries on Rashid Minhas Road. The outdoor arrangement for sitting on “Chaarpayis” under the sky on a cool evening can make any stag party jump with joy. Most restaurants on the Rashid Minhas strip have a family dining hall too like Shaheen Shinwari, Afridi Inn where local dishes like sumptuous Mutton Karahi, masaalaydar Chapli Kababs, with delicious naan, raita and salad are served. Then ahead from there towards Millenium Mall is Shan-e-Mughlia where the Drive Inn Cinema used to be. The grand buffet that is served never looses any compliments and makes up for any drawbacks if ever (which is very less) with its amazing quality of food. The buffet comprises of Pakistani, Chinese, Indian, Italian, Fast food cuisine and wows all its customers with the beautiful ambience as well. Along with Shan-e-Mughlia there is another jewel in Gulshan Iqbal’s crown in terms of dining. Lasania Restaurant with its beautiful, calm and soothing ambience and huge dining hall just serves as the beginning of a good dine-in experience. Lasania Restaurant has maintained the quality of its food and improved its sitting arrangement and deserves a pat on the back for such development.
In any part of Karachi no commercial area is complete without the prescence of fast food chains. For that particular need of the youth, there is a Pizza Hut, Subway, Papa Johns and those sheesha fanatics can knock themselves out at Indulge, Millenium Mall. There is one more adventure that Gulshan Iqbal holds is the numerous fast food joints from which some are known for their burgers, some for their broast and this is purely based on taste, no former brand attachment has helped them on a pedestal. Bumzees situated in Block 4 of Gulshan Iqbal is known especially for its delicious fries with garlic mayo and other sauces. Miss Hen is another fast food shop and has garnered some attention for having yummy broast chicken.
Gulshan Iqbal is also known for having Disco Bakery, a place very famous for its bakery items and it is also a landmark in Karachi. Another bakery that can be located in Gulshan Iqbal would be Continental Sweets and Bakers which is not only known to be a good bakery and sweet mart but also has one of the best Shawarmas available in Karachi being prepared outside the bakery.

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