Grilled Chilliz

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​If you’ve been keeping your fingers on the pulse of Karachi Food scene, you may have noticed that many new places have opened up recently but they all seem to be over priced with no value for money. The food is good and you do enjoy your time but they are so heavy on the pocket that you don’t want to go there often.Breaking this trend is a new restaurant, Grilled Chilliz! Huge portion size, delicious menu and very reasonably priced! Weren’t we all waiting for such a wonder! Grilled Chilliz is unpretentious, cool and trendy with a stylized dining area, serving Continental and Italian menu especially designed to complement the Pakistani palate.Located on Rahat commercial, right opposite the DHA College, this is a two story restaurant run by Mr. Obiad Alam who specializes in authentic Italian Cuisine and has been a chef for over 26 years at different restaurants in UK, America, Italy and Karachi. The restaurant offers something for everyone by satisfying their taste buds with an assortment of flavours at a reasonable price.When I enter GC, right away I was greeted by a friendly host who guided me to my seat. The wait staff overall was courteous and helpful and they very humbly guided me and my friend through the menu.
First we were served a complimentary starter of Salsa and Chips as we waited for our order .It has a perfect blend of spices and tomatoes that tickle your taste buds and make you wait anxiously for the food.Starting with the beverages, the strawberry margarita is very refreshing but it’s the Oreo Shake which is a must try. It is a complete chocolate experience with Oreo cookies, chocolate ice cream blended with milk and cream. The shake is so rich that you can taste Oreo bits in every sip.Their starters consist of soups, salads, and many chicken and prawn based dishes served with well crafted, perfectly balanced sauces. Out of everything, we chose to order Stuffed Chicken Strips. A crispy and crunch coating of bread crumbs around succulent chicken stuffed with cream cheese and herbs, served with a smooth honey mustard sauce. Although the sauce was a bit chilled but together it tasted great and was a very different taste after having the spicy salsa dip.As our main course approached, we were amazed to see the serving size. It was huge! A big platter full of roasted veggies, main order and a side line. The side line can be chosen from fries, mashed or bakedpotatoes. Their menu is divided into sections of Chicken, Italian, Burger & Sandwiches, Steaks and Sea Food and it consists of dishes such as Chicken Moskova, French Onion Chicken, Tandoori Fish Burger, Tarragon Steak and so on. Also on the Menu are 2 different kind of English style Fish and Chips and Lobster Thermidor.
We ordered Chilliz Cilantro Fish and Chicken Supreme. The Cilantro fish was 2 big pan grilled fillets served with cilantro chilli butter sauce and mashed potatoes.Although i I felt that the fish was a bit oily but the warm creamy and smooth sauce made up for it. The sauce was a wonderful blend of cilantro, salt and spices. The smoothness of the sauce mixed with the softness of the fish was a wonderful combination for the palate.Chicken Supreme was served with French Fries and it had 2 fried chicken breasts topped with black olives, capsicums and a rich mushroom cream sauce. They had put chaat masala on the fries which we didn’t fancy much as it did not blend well with the overall taste of the meal. We suggested that it should be left on personal choice and the waiters were kind enough to take a note.
During our entire dining experience the only downside about the place was the music. They played songs from mid 90’s of Boyzone and Ace of Base. But, I guess that is something which can be easily fixed.
After such an appetizing meal we felt that dessert is a must. Well, the dessert menu is not too elaborate but has few interesting things. We asked for Chocolate Ice Cream Cake. Let me be honest here, I’m not a b

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