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​Living in Pakistan’s most biggest and busiest cities, waking up to work, chores, to running your errands every day, there is little time left for you hang out, relax and meet up with friends and family, and there is no better excuse than good food.With all the fancy eateries to the fine dining restaurants, to the road side chicken karhai, from the fast food joints to the coffee houses and cafe’s, you name it and this city has it all for you. But there are times when you just want to relax and be at ease in the comfort of your own house or a loved ones and not go through the hassle of dressing up and driving down so you just pick up your phone, place your order and get hot and fresh food at your doorstep in the next 35-45 minutes. Therefore, when thinking of a sit-back and relax evening, there is nothing better than the recent addition of Golden Dragon.
A local Chinese call in kitchen, which offers you just about any and everything Chinese. Their menu, is a well balanced combination of soups and starters and is offering a varied range of chow mien and chopsueys. From a choice of the classic chicken corn and hot and sour to their thai and wonton soup, delivered boiling hot within minutes. When it comes to soups, the appetizers are a must, that too with a little crunch and munch, and so, they have the chicken and vegetable egg rolls, hot and spicy wontons, friend wontons, prawn toast, prawn balls, fried prawns, and fish finger and crackers, and the list goes on…
After you are done with the hot and sizzling soups and starters, you get to choose your main course from a choice of chicken, beef, prawn and fish, which of course has to be paired up with the chicken fried rice, garlic fried rice or the signature egg fried rice. When calling out for the poultry, the Kung Pao chicken is a must try, its dry but with an oomph of spice in it, also their hot and spicy chicken prepared in a thick red chili sauce is set to woo your taste buds. There are options having ingredients like the pineapple and cashew nuts as well for people who look out for a bit of crunch and extra sweet in their food. For the beef lovers they entail fresh crispy beef, prepared to its tenderness yet fried perfectly to make your evening more memorable. There is more for you, the beef and chili dry, beef in oyster sauce and the black pepper beef which might just make your day.
Golden Dragon,isn’t just about the basic chicken and beef items, it also has options for you from under the sea. Who doesn’t want those crispy prawns on the side with those spicy strips of the Szechuan Fish? Not to forget the prawn chili dry, which contains just the perfect amount of Chinese spice. The fish chili with lime is another recommendation on the menu. There is nothing better than a bowl of stir fried Chinese vegetables which can just compliment any dish that they offer, it is a must try, must have item on the list. After all this Chinese indulgence your perfect evening is incomplete without that American chopsuey, with just about the well balanced Chinese flavors, completely making it worthwhile.
With so many different types and kinds of dishes being offered by this local food delivery Chinese call in kitchen, that it is really hard to resist from indulging in an ideal Chinese food evening with your friends and family. Convenient, affordable, hot, fresh and perfectionists with their delivery timings, these are all the reasons that you trust your delivery call in kitchen when you pick up that phone. Delivered in hygienically packed plastic containers, Golden Dragon is set to stay for a long time if they keep their services and efficiency intact.

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