Gloria Jeans Coffee Review by Varda Nisar

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Mix the aroma of freshly grounded coffee beans with that of old books, and you may just start to get the basic idea of the ambience of Gloria Jeans. But that is only the tip of the iceberg!
Opened only last year, the place has already gotten itself a reputation for its great environment, which is accompanied by equally great food. The location ensures that it receives a mix crowd, from senior citizens, to teenagers, to people making a stop just to grab a cup of coffee before heading out to work! But a true sign of success are the returning customers, which are greeted immediately by a full time floor manager and staff, with a warm and friendly handshake.
The seating arrangement caters to around 85 people, who can opt for either a smoker or a non-smoker corner, or you can always opt for outdoor seating, giving Gloria the quite Parisian chic look! The interior space itself is flooded with sunlight, giving the interiors a much welcoming look. And if you look a bit closely, you will catch the little details, from the coffee bean bags, to a wide array of coffee and syrups on sale, to Dickens’ classics arranged in many book shelves, which make Gloria Jean’s experience truly unique. Oh, and let’s not forget that this happens to be the only International branch of the brand that serves Food!
And oh, what food! The Buffalo wings with a light brushing of hot sauce makes it simply tantalizing, and are a must try! The Chicken Quesadillas, filled with chicken, oozing cheese and capsicum, are another must try! Another Mexican-must-try-entrée is the Nachos. Coverd with melted cheese and Bolognese sauce and topped off with Avocado Sauce, the nachos are a great way to start off or simply to munch away as you enjoy a book or a cup of coffee!
It has been a while since I have had a sensational Club Sandwich as one I experienced at Gloria Jean’s. The Chicken inside was still tender and juicy, with a generous layering of sauces, which made every bite melt in your mouth.
My personal favourite however, was the English Waffle. The unsuspected one would truly be blown away by the eruption of vanilla essence in your mouth with a single bite of the English Waffle.
From the dessert line, I chose to try the unbaked Blueberry Cheese Cake, which was something new and unique for me. The difference is clear from the very first bite! The softness of the cream cheese filling is something lost in a baked cheesecake and therefore is another must try! Their most popular entree in the dessert line however, is the Fudge Cake. Layered with imported chocolate, the fluffiness and the softness of the cake, makes an instant impression. But then if chocolate or cheese are not your thing, there are always the 7 or 8 other types of cakes, cupcakes, cookies and pies to choose from!
And then of course, there is the coffee! If you are a coffee fan, then do make sure that you check out their product shelf, where you will find many an exotic Coffee treats, from Sumatra Dark to Butter Toffee, French Breakfast to Hazelnut, and many more. You can also always enquire about the coffee of the day, which changes every so often, and fill yourself up with details about the intrinsic details and flavour of the various beans.
The most noticeable feature however, which strikes you and leaves an instant impression is the quality of service and attention to hygienic. With a philosophy which puts the entire burden of quality service on the staff and brand, in which the client has put their trust, what else can one expect! Food is always served while wearing gloves, while a clap after every 30 minutes ensures that the staff is reminded that it’s times to wash your hands!
With an experience like this, you can hardly go wrong with going for Gloria Jean’s.

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